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  Hints and Tips for: Tokyo Tattoo Girls 
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 Tokyo Tattoo Girls Cheats

Tokyo Tattoo Girls

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Plutia
This is a simple guide that i made to help everyone that want enjoy this 
game and get best results.

-=How to Play=-
Once you start a new game, you have a choice of six partners. Choose the 
one you want and confirm. You will then be asked to choose difficulty level 
(initially only Easy and Medium are available) and a team name (you can 
change Team name if you want). If you have acquired any items you will then 
be asked if you want to use (you gain item by finishing each girl route in 
each different difficulty and them use in NG+). After the intro cutscene 
with your chosen partner you will then be asked if you want to view the 
tutorial. Finally you will be taken to the main map screen where you will 
be able to choose your first target for invasion. In Easy mode the starting 
ward is limited to Arakawa ward, Bunkyou ward, Chuo ward, Meguro ward and 
Nakano ward. Click in settings if you need access Tutorial again. 
I recommend start with Choufu (playing in Normal/Hard/Extreme) to enable 
special commands.

The objetive of the game is to take over all 23 wards of Tokyo. This is 
achieved by invading other wards and recruiting the punks and enemy gang 
members (clanswoman) until they reach zero. When the number of enemies in 
a ward reaches zero, you will meet ward's Boss and will duel. Before duel, 
will have a dialogue with options that you need to choose, after that, based
in your answer, you will receive a Okay/Good/Super that will affect battle 
afterwards (like bonuses), and they (bonuses) will change according to the 
difficulty chosen. Look each girl for the best dialogue option. After you 
take ALL wards, will complete the game and will receive a Rank (e.g. rank 
S, rank A); i´m not pretty sure, but i believe they´re based in dialogue 
option, get more Super will get S, good/okay will get A.

After choosing your starting ward, you will automatically invade neighbouring 
wards (some partners also have Commands that let you choose a ward to invade).

-=Protection Money (PM)=-
Protection Money (PM) is the currency of the game. You automatically earn PM by 
controlling wards, so the more wards you control the more PM you earn. You can 
also randomly find suitcases of PM on the map, when they appear, just move the 
cursor and press the suitcases. You can win PM by visiting the Gambling Dens 
that appear randomly (you can also use Commands to make the Gambling Den appear 
by buying cheating dice). PM is used for everything, like Command, inking and 
upgrading your partner's tattoos, so use wisely.

You can access the tattoo screen in HQ. Each partner has 10 tattoos that can 
be purchased using PM. Each tattoo has three levels to upgrade. There are two 
main types of tattoos: Charisma tattoos make it easier to recruit Punks and 
Threat tattoos make it easier to recruit Clanswoman. There are a few other 
tattoos with unique effects depending on your partner. After inking 10 tattoos, 
you will unlock an extra Command for your partner. After inking all tattoos 
plus upgrades you will unlock the second extra Command for your partner.

As you recruit enemies that ward's Vigilance increases, until eventually it 
will turn red. If you don't take action to reduce the Vigilance by using 
Commands, eventually you will lose honor. This is displayed in the green bar 
at the top of the screen. If your honor reaches zero it's Game Over (you can 
also use commands to recover honor; best dialogue option will recover a small 
percent of honor). Sometimes Turf War can occurs, and you'll get a little 
animation of two gangs fighting. If you win this you won't lose any honor, and
you will get a small amount of PM. Sometimes you will note a siren in red 
wards, if you press the siren, will lost small honor and the ward will leave 
alert state, however if you just leave it, will loss a large amount of honor 
and the ward will leave alert state, but dont press ANY siren for one 
playthrough to unlock achievement.

-=How to Control
* L/R stick: move screen and move between wards
* Dpad: move between wards, move in menus
* Back: access ward info
* Start: access settings
* LB/RB: selection between play/pause/fast
* LT/RT: without function
* Y: enable/disable highlight to check info about punks/clanswomen
* B: cancel
* A: confirm
* X: access HQ, press again to access tattoo

* Mouse: confirm
* 1 and 2: selection between play/pause/fast
* 3: access HQ, press again to access tattoo
* 4: enable/disable highlight to check info about punks/clanswomen
* 5: access settings
* 6: access ward info
* Enter: confirm
* Esc/Shift/Backspace/Alt/Ctrl: without function

-=Game Mode
This game contain 4 difficulty modes in each route: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme. 
You can start with easy or normal, once finishing normal will unlock Hard, and 
hard unlock Extreme. Each time you clear a mode, will get items to use in your 
next game. Game mode also will affect how you will start (e.g. easy will start 
with more PM, hard with 0 PM), dialogue option bonuses also are affected 
(easy with more bonuses and hard with less bonuses)

Once you finish a route, you will gain an item based game difficulty. This item 
can be used in your NG+ to help your new journey. Be aware that once you clear 
the game, your save game will be deleted (keeping items to use in NG+ and gallery 

Commands as the name suggest, is a action that you can use in invaded ward.

First page: contain specific command available to each girl and some commands 
(Ceasefire agreement, Recruit Punks in a ward, Recruit Clanswomen in a ward, Recover 
Honor and Decrease alert state) that will appear to every girl, but may change PM 
needed and cooldown.

Second page: contain commands available in every route. 123 Dice (see details in 
gambling dem), 456 Dice (see details in gambling dem), Snake Eye Dice (see details 
in gambling dem), Completely recover Honor (will unlock once you clear Choufu Hard 
mode), Increase PM suitcases appearing (will unlock once you clear Choufu Extreme 
mode), Recruit ALL punks and clanswomen in a ward (useful in large wards like 
Setagaya, will unlock once you clear Choufu Normal mode), Gain information about 
ward clan´s boss and Gain information about your partner.

-=Gambling Den
In commands menu second page, you can buy 3 types of cheating dice: 123 Dice, 456 
Dice and Snake Eye Dice. Once you buy a cheat, will appear Gambling Den. As the 
name say, 123 Dice contain only 1, 2 or 3; 456 Dice contain only 4, 5 or 6; and 
with Snake Eye Dice contain only 1 (you will get 3 dice with 1, mean you win the 

Bet: Your bet is 5% of your current PM. Whether you win or lose, you can only pay 
3 games each time. 

Game start: The dealer throws first. 3 dice are thrown, if 2 faces match, the third 
is the score. Ex.: 344 is rolled, score is 3; and any if you score 4 or higher, you 
wins (e.g. 455, 566, 611). If you score 3 or less, be scoreless after 3 rolls, you´ll 
lose. Finally, if the dealer score 6, you will only win if score 111 (Snake Eye Dice), 
456 or 3 of a kind (e.g. 222, 333, 444, 555, 666) 

Your turn: By looking at the dice, decide whether to bet or pass. You can also use 
your own cheating dice, if you have bought one from the command menu. The cheating 
dice is one use only, after used, need wait the cooldown and buy again. 

Double Up: After you win, you can choose to Double Up. Whoever throws the highest 
total on one dice wins. 

Finish: After each game you can continue or quit. After playing three games you will 
automatically leave.

-=Gallery Guide 
For the best dialogue option, please look the section below. Choose the best dialogue 
for better bonus and also unlock gallery CG, also will unlock achievements. In this 
guide, you will find the best dialogue for each girl in their respective section. 

In each girl dialogue option, the wards was sorted alphabetically for easy visualization, 
but you can choose any ward to invade as your start point and the game will automatically 
invade neighborhood wards

Why a.k.a in character name? Once you finish the game, will note that in game your 
partner use her name and in achievements (also for NG+ item room) use her surname.

-=Tama (a.k.a Karin)
Adachi: Clan bosses, partnership...
Arakawa: collect cute things
Bunkyou: I´m here to make friends
Chiyoda: I´m looking for my dad
Chuo: I´m going to visit my family
Edogawa: I came to make friends
Itabashi: We can get our old lives back
Katsushika: Lend me your strength, nya!
Kita: I want to live in Peace...
Koto: I´m here to make friends, nya
Meguro: To protect Meguro ward
Minato: I just want to live in peace
Nakano: I´m a friend, i´m not scary
Nerima: Everyone should get along
Ota: Let´s defeat the Syndicate
Setagaya: I want to be friends, nya
Shibuya: I want to be friends with you
Shinagawa: I want us to get along
Shinjuku: I want all the cute things
Suginami: I wanted to talk to you again
Sumida: Everyone should be happy
Taito: I wanna be your friend
Toshima: I want to be with my family

-=Tachikawa (a.k.a Mai)
Adachi: I can protect you! 
Arakawa: My girlfriends love trains! 
Bunkyou: It´s time to take a chance 
Chiyoda: Anything to help my family! 
Chuo: Honestly, can you just help me? 
Edogawa: This Ward needs my help. 
Itabashi: Work with me to help Japan 
Katsushika: I need your Ward´s help! 
Kita: Good luck! Stay safe! 
Koto: Come on, take a chance! 
Meguro: I want to protect Meguro ward! 
Minato: Let´s fight for our sisters! 
Nakano: I need your spirit! 
Nerima: Help me get rich quick! 
Ota: I´m a good fundraiser… 
Setagaya: I want you to work with me 
Shibuya: Let´s join forces! 
Shinagawa: For money and freedom! 
Shinjuku: I want you to be mine! 
Suginami: Let´s take on the Syndicate. 
Sumida: We can all be happy! 
Taito: Work with me here! 
Toshima: For my sisters outside Tokyo!

-=Machida (a.k.a Akika)
Adachi: I want to protect the city 
Arakawa: We can have a festival here! 
Bunkyou: Machida City can be peaceful 
Chiyoda: Let´s go to the Festival 
Chuo: Everything for peace! 
Edogawa: We can restore power~! 
Itabashi: To bring life back to normal. 
Katsushika: Because i love my home... 
Kita: I want to restore nature~. 
Koto: Return nature to Tokyo~… 
Meguro: This Ward has a lot of nature 
Minato: I wanted to talk to you two! 
Nakano: It´s sad, but it has to happen. 
Nerima: Help me with an art festival! 
Ota: Outsiders can live here too~ 
Setagaya: I came for black tea! 
Shibuya: I think we can be friends. 
Shinagawa: I think we should have a talk 
Shinjuku: Kabukicho is getting popular 
Suginami: I want to have an art festival! 
Sumida: We can be happy again~. 
Taito: Give me your strength! 
Toshima: Let´s learn from each other.

-=Musashino (a.k.a Kayako)
Adachi: Such a sad person 
Arakawa: I wish to lead a pure life 
Bunkyou: I require your knowledge. 
Chiyoda: To lead a pure and proper life 
Chuo: Would you conquer with me? 
Edogawa: I will protect…the fishies 
Itabashi: Do you not care about Tokyo? 
Katsushika: The people need autonomy. 
Kita: Tokyo will be pure again 
Koto: I need your contacts 
Meguro: Become my ally 
Minato: Please, lend me your strengh 
Nakano: You have already lost 
Nerima: Become my protégé. 
Ota: Would you like to travel? 
Setagaya: I require your assistance 
Shibuya: I have come to protect you 
Shinagawa: I will help you, my sister 
Shinjuku: Return Tokyo to beauty 
Suginami: Lead a life of discipline! 
Sumida: Together, we can be happy 
Taito: I will take the top! 
Toshima: I require information

-=Hachioji (a.k.a Chizuru)
Adachi: I do it for my family! 
Arakawa: I want to find my family 
Bunkyou: My family got split up… 
Chiyoda: I´m looking for my family 
Chuo: If I dont, who will? 
Edogawa: Boss to Boss, let´s team up. 
Itabashi: We can change Tokyo! 
Katsushika: I want to see my family… 
Kita: Just following my heart! 
Koto: I don’t like the Syndicate 
Meguro: I need to get out of Tokyo! 
Minato: Help me look for my family! 
Nakano: Because that´s what I chose 
Nerima: I want to find my family 
Ota: To get through the barricade! 
Setagaya: I want to escape the Syndicate! 
Shibuya: I want to find my family 
Shinagawa: For me! 
Shinjuku: Let´s break the barricade! 
Suginami: To look for my family 
Sumida: The people should be happy! 
Taito: Let´s join forces! 
Toshima: To look for my family

-=Choufu (a.k.a Chocho)
Adachi: We can learn from each other! 
Arakawa: To search for my grandma! 
Bunkyou: I´m searching for someone 
Chiyoda: I want a good romance film 
Chuo: Tokyo would be a good set… 
Edogawa: But i´m your friend! 
Itabashi: We can get Tokyo back 
Katsushika: I´m looking for grandma! 
Kita: To get famous of course! 
Koto: I have to become a superstar! 
Meguro: Post this on social media! 
Minato: Oh, we should be girlfriends! 
Nakano: Only you can make your fate! 
Nerima: I need a good stage! 
Ota: I could use some info! 
Setagaya: I want you to help me! 
Shibuya: I´m looking for my grandma! 
Shinagawa: I could use an agent… 
Shinjuku: To make my name famous! 
Suginami: This is for my reel! 
Sumida: The film industry needs me 
Taito: We should do a film festival 
Toshima: You want my autograph?

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