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  Hints and Tips for: Tomb Raider 2 
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 Tomb Raider 2 Cheats

Tomb Raider 2

Level skip:
Press / to put a flare in Lara's hand. Have Lara walk one step forward (with Shift),
one step back (with Shift), rotate in three full circles in any direction (with Shift),
and jump forward (with Alt). 

All weapons:
Press / to put a flare in Lara's hand. Have Lara walk one step forward (with Shift), 
one step back (with Shift), rotate in three full circles to the right (with Shift), 
and jump back (with Alt). 

Submitted by:  Nguyen Trung Hieu

While playing game, save game. Use Alt+Tab to return windows, go to
save game and go to:

0x0000007D change to F4
0x0000007E change to 0188
0x00000080 change to 13F4
0x00000082 change to 0188
0x00000084 change to 1388
0x00000086 change to 1388
0x00000088 change to 1333
0x0000008E change to FF

*You will have all Weapons.

0x00000089 change to FF
0x0000008A change to FF
0x0000008C change to FF
0x00000FC4 change to FFFF
0x00000FC8 change to FFFF
0x00000FCC change to FFFF
0x00000FD0 change to FFFF
0x00000FD4 change to FFFF
0x00000FD8 change to FFFF

*You will have maximum Ammo, Flares, Small and Large Medipack.

Submitted by: Parimal Satyal

* You can have a stylish fight with multi-enemies... 
  (grenade launcher would do fine)

* Face the enemy and run to him (or it), then you jump forward and immediately press
  END (roll) or down button. Some practice, and you'll have jumped over him, twisted
  and be behind him, ready to blow him! Same can be done backwards.

Submitted by: Vineet Govinda

Before implementing this, you should backup your savegame files. This is a bug in 
Tomb Raider 2 that causes it to crash. In the floating islands, you must have at 
least 3 grenades for this. Go in front of a statue which has not yet come to life.
Shoot 3 grenades at it and voila! The weakness of the game is revealed for all to 

tom clarke, Submitted the following Information:

Once you complete the game (without using cheats) you will find out that there 
is an extra level called "Driving Down Town" to get this level all you have to 
do is complete the game(without using cheats) and on the main screen press up, 
down, right, left 3 times. then go to load game and there should be a file named 
"Driving Down Town". This level is probably the best level where the enemy chases
you and you have to try and escape on your car! (this is a very hard cheat so 
keep on practising). 
Note: This cheat doesnt always work so keep on practising.

All Weapons 
While playing, take out a flare, take one step forward (hold down walk key 
while pressing up arrow), then take one step backwards, turn around 3 full 
times and then jump backwards. 

Exploding Lara 
Draw any weapon, then walk one step forward, one step backwards, turn around 
in a circle three times then jump backwards. 

Get Outside of Lara's Front Gate 
In the practice level you can get outside of Lara's front gate. 
Simply go to the last obstacle(the rope slide) walk to the edge
with the rope slide and side step right all the way you can.  
After this you must turn about an 1/8 of a turn towards the wall. 
Now jump in the air, without pushing any direction buttons, while 
in the air press the look button and forward, and let go before 
landing. Repeat this process a few more times and by about the third 
jump you should be on top of the tower and able to jump onto Lara's 
outside wall. Don't ask me why this happens must be a glich in the 
game. From here you can get outside of Lara's front gate or even get 
a view of her hedge maze, from above. 

Goodbye Butler 
Tired of the pesky butler following you around everywhere in Lara's home? Walk
into the kitchen and open the freezer, go inside and wait for the butler to 
arrive. Once he comes in jump over him and close the door behind you. Bye, 
bye, butler.

When Lara is hanging from a ledge, hold the WALK button and press UP to 
do a handstand. 

Level Skip updates 
While playing, pull out a flare then hold shift and move one step forward,
one step backwards, turn around 3 times, and jump forward.

Open All Rooms in Lara's House
To open the two closed doors in Lara's house on the upper floor just simply
beat the Assault Course in under 50 seconds. If you accomplish  this act, 
the two doors should open to reveal the Butler's room and Lara's 
Recreational Room, which consists of a large screen T.V., pool table, sofa 
and the key to her gun closet. 

Secret Room in Lara's House 
When you explore the outside of the house go to the front door and open it.
Walk straight in and look at the two halls on each side of the clock. You 
will be coming back to the righthand hall after you hit the switch I'm 
getting ready to tell you about.

Leave from the door you just opened and go to your left, head into the 
maze. Go left always in the maze unless your only option is to  go right.
When you get to the back of the maze you will see a brick wall, look 
down the hall and you will see two openings. Take the first opening to
the right and fall into the hole. Then go to the end of the hall and 
jump out, push the button on the wall and you will see a cinema of the
door opening back in the house. This door is timed, so you have to be fast.

Go back the way you came in, jump out of the hole and go left. Then keep
following the maze turning right everytime unless you have to turn left.
Exit the maze at the end and run back into the house and through the door.
It leads to the basement below, where you'll you will see several chests 
and windows on each side. It looks like a huge statue is on the right. 

Shortcut Thru Bartoli's Hideout 
After you get the Stone Dragon, go to the previous room where you 
flipped the secret switch. Break out to the window where there  
will be a guard that drops the Uzi Clip. Go to the left side of 
the balcony and in the corner of the two railings. Face the orange
building with shingles on the roof. Do a standing jump grab and  
twist right or left a little. You should grab the shingles. Get 
the Detonator Key and continue your level. 

Survive Large Falls 
If you fall off a reasonably high ledge hold the roll button and you will
roll as you hit the ground. This does not work if the fall is so high it 
makes Lara scream. 

Swan Dive 
To make Lara do a Swan Dive, Hold Ctrl+Shift+Forward while jumping. 

Swan Dive with a roll 
Dive off a high ledge and about half way through the dive hold the roll 
button and Lara will roll before hitting the water.

Unlimited ammo 
Finish the game and reload any level you will have unlimited ammo for every 
gun, unlimited medi-packs, unlmited flares and the enemies are harder. 

Venice Tip 
To avoid the timed sequence at the end of the Venice section, just 
leave the boat in the room where the last swich is that opens the  
exit and swim out under the door and then swim to the exit. You'll 
get another boat at the start of Bartoli's Hideout.

Submitted by: Mohan

In the VENICE level, in the ending sequence, you have to flip the switch 
to open the final obstacle of this level. This is a timed sequence and
the clock starts ticking the moment you get back into your boat. One way
to solve this is to save the game before getting into the boat and try 
until you succeed.

The other cheat is that, leave the boat untouched, and swim from the left
side, under the hole, come up and swim across the water to reach the final
gate. The gate will be opened for you and the bombs will not blast. 
This gate leads to the exit.

Submitted by: brandon

Going into the maze find the way to a hole in the ground jump in and walk
you see light on the and jump (alt) en grab (ctrl) YOU SEE A BUTTON PRESS.

Submitted by: waqar
electronic mail:-

In on Deck stage when you want to land on boat but fell and die.This is a 
biggest fall of the game. All you need is fall your self from roof into boat
with a key and arrows wih full energy when you just land on boat press "Esc"
button and select a large medipack then press "enter".

Submitted by: Waqar Zeb
electronic mail:-

In Venice when you are unable to reach the gate which is timed to close just
do the following- First with help of boat go into the wooden room with bad 
gay & one button. kild the gay and then press button. Leave the room for where
you come from without boat. Swim as you like towards the gate because now gate
is always open for you without any time sanction. During reaching the gate 
there is no danger to activation of mines as you have no boat to raid.

Submitted by: Waqar Zeb
electronic mail:-

In on Deck stage when you want to land on boat but fell and die.This is a 
biggest fall of the game. All you need is fall your self from roof into boat 
(with a key and arrows) with full energy when you just going to land on boat 
press "Esc" button and select a large medipack then press "enter".

Unlimited ammunition:
Successfully complete the game then start another one. No ammunition number. 
Note: Even so, often you will lose something and gain everything back at the 
start of a new level. Skipping levels or using any other cheat codes will 
disable the unlimited ammunition.

Weapon Cheat:
When playing a level, pull out a flare, then do the following: Step forward, 
step backward, three complete turns and do a back flip. You will then get all
the weapons.

Opera House Shortcut:
Before entering the opera house, look around for a place where there is a broken 
glass hazard. Position Lara with her back to the glass. You should see an opening.
Drop down and hold onto the edge as you move along that ledge toward the opening. 
Drop, and press the action button as you do. If you did it properly, you'll grab 
onto a handhold and can proceed through a hidden area to skip part of the level 
and also find a secret.

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