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  Hints and Tips for: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 
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 Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Cheats

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

All Achievements:
Submitted by:  Arju

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Crash test (5 points)          : Complete the first story mission on any difficulty.
Eye in the sky (15 points)     : Complete "The Prisoner" on any difficulty.
Ground support (15 points)     : Complete "The Rescue" on any difficulty.
Nightvision (15 points)        : Complete "Thieves in the Night" on any difficulty.
Red is not dead (40 points)    : Complete "Stand-Off" on expert difficulty.
Till the end (50 points)       : Complete all story missions on any difficulty.
Team play (30 points)          : Complete any story mission in coop.
No restrictions (40 points)    : In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF.
Peripheral vision (40 points)  : Fly faster than mach 2 for 60 minutes in story mode.
Confident (30 points)          : Perform a carrier landing without using the Assisted Approach.
Going tough (50 points)        : Inflict 4000 damage on enemy players in a single Team Battle game.
Spoils of war (15 points)      : Win a Team Battle game.
Can I keep it? (15 points)     : Fully master a plane.
Hard work pays off (50 points) : Fully master 15 planes.
The way I like it (15 points)  : Create a custom weapon pack.
Swiss cheese (40 points)       : Shoot down a player while using a plane equipped with 4 gun pods.
Rushed (15 points)             : Score 3 kills in 15 seconds in Survival mode.
Still alive (50 points)        : Complete any of the Survival mode maps.
Resilient (30 points)          : Complete 5 waves in Survival mode without being shot down.
I, Support (30 points)         : Use 3 different team support abilities.
Engineer (30 points)           : Repair 90 hp by using repair drones.
Copycat (50 points)            : Kill 100 opponents that use the same plane as you in Team 
                                 Battle games.
Veteran (50 points)            : Participate in 100 Team Battle games.
Nimble (30 points)             : Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in Team 
                                 Battle games.
Nice skill, captain!(30 points): Using a Mig-23, shoot down a player flying an F-22.
Overpowered (30 points)        : Score 5 player kills in a Team Battle game without being shot down.
Coup de grace (30 points)      : Using only the gun, bring down 10 players that have been damaged 
                                 by your team members.
Bad luck (30 points)           : Reach level 13.
Maxed (50 points)              : Reach level 50.
Getting there (20 points)      : Purchase 5 different upgrades for all your planes.
Still counting (30 points)     : Purchase 5 different team support elements for your planes.
Who needs them? (30 points)    : Win 10 Team Battle matches while your team is outnumbered.

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