Tony La Russa Baseball 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tony La Russa Baseball 3 
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 Tony La Russa Baseball 3 Cheats

Tony La Russa Baseball 3

Make Your Favorite Player a Superman:
There is a hidden feature in Tony 3: 96 that will give any 
player more punch  than  Babe  Ruth,  more speed than Rickey 
Henderson in his prime, and a better glove than Willie Mays! 
To invoke the mega-man feature, hold down the M, E, G, and A 
keys simult aneously when the player you want is batting in 
the Play or Manage  Only mode  of  the  action/arcade  part 
of the game. If properly  invoked,  
this will cause the player who's currently batting to take on 
superhuman characteristics, and retain these charac teristics 
for the remainder of the game. This feature is most evident 
when applied to a catcher or other infielder, as he will 
proceed to field every batted ball when his team is in the 
field. He'll also hit just about any pitch out of the park!
Get Yourself in the Game:
By changing an existing player's name, you may be able to get 
one or both of the game's announcers to say your name (or your 
father's, son's, etc.) when you' step to the plate! If your first 
and last names are fairly common, they may  be  in the announcer's 
database, even if no one player had the same name as you. For 
instance, if your name is Jackie Williams, the game's announcers 
will be able to state your name because the announcer database 
includes both Jackie' (Robinson) and (Ted) Williams. To tr y this, 
choose Edit Player Stats' from  the  Utilities menu, then choose  
any  player  --  ideally, a good/great  player  from  your
favorite team. Simply click in the boxes containing the player's 
first and last names, and change them to whatever you want.  
When you play a game involving the custom player’s team, 
make sure that new  player  is  in  the starting lineup, and see 
if the game’s announcer will call him by name when he steps to 
the plate! IMPORTANT: This trick will have a better  chance of 
working if you choose Mel Allen as the game’s announcer; Mel simply  
has  a larger database of names at his disposal than Hank Greenwald 
or Lon Simmons...

Make it a "Co-ed" Game:
This  is  a  little-known  function of the game, discovered 
only by those die-hard  fans who play decades of seasons into the 
future in the GM Challenge portion  of  the game. If you play enough 
seasons into the 21st Century, women will  start  appearing in the 
game! By the year 2040 or so, you should have a Rookie  of  the Year 
winner named Barbara or Nancy! Let’s face it, Tony 3: ‘96 is the 
only politically correct baseball sim on the market!

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