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  Hints and Tips for: Total War Battles: Kingdom 
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 Total War Battles: Kingdom Cheats

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

* Attacking can be challenging and will require strategy and constant 
  adaptations. Choose to attack based on the active quests you have.
* Learn the types of enemies you will be encountering. Adjust the troops
  that will be used in battle based on their types. Rotate your troops 
  to get the best advantage against that type of enemy.
* Challenging battles are easy to win if you have the correct troops. 
  Brutal battles are difficult but still can be won, but may require a 
  boost at the start.
* When losing a battle, do not retreat. It will require less for your 
  troops to recover, but you will not gain any experience. Retreat 
  before you get any casualties or do not retreat at all. 
* Switch out your troops at the correct moment. If you switch troops 
  to get the bonus against them too soon, the enemy will also swap 
  theirs to regain the advantage. Time the switch perfectly, before 
  the troops start charging to keep your enemy from swapping theirs. 
  After troops begin charging, you cannot swap troops until they stop. 
* Upgrade your units. Types that do not seem very useful can be of 
  help after they are upgraded. Tap the "Army Setup" button and select 
  each of them. You can get a skill then upgrade it as the unit earns 
  more experience points. Mix and match the skills and consider that 
  the one you select will remain with that troop. Consider those that 
  will give extra attack boosts for archers and long ranged troops, 
  as well as ones that give you troops back for melee troops.
* After reaching level 21, you can begin to craft better equipment 
  for your troops. Do this with your first row of units, then begin 
  upgrading everything. 
* Perfect charges are important. Tap the "Charge" button at the 
  correct moment to get an extra bonus in battle.
* Watch how the battlefield evolves. Archers are very useful to 
  provide support fire to your troops. Aim the archer shots at 
  other archers at first, then switch targets to troops that are 
  not directly involved in combat, if your melee troops do not 
  require help. Friendly fire can cause damage to your own troops. 
  Minimize that risk as long as possible. Switch troops between them 
  during the battle. Use special Church bonuses to replenish your 
  troops. gain the advantage, and taunt the enemy to attack troops 
  you want them to. 

* Build your kingdom based on the bonuses that neighboring buildings 
  will convey to each other. When you build a new structure, examine 
  it to check what nearby buildings are required to get a maximum 
  bonus. They attempt to build those required buildings nearby. Use 
  your starting castle as a learning point, then build the other 
  structures with those bonuses in mind.
* Eventually you will need a bit of everything, but at the start to 
  specialize your castles and focus on resource production. Keep 
  your silver producing castle in one place, with mansions, 
  blacksmiths and churches for its bonus.
* Mines, Farms, Woodcutters, etc. will not count toward your 
  castle's building cap. Build as many of them as space allows 
  to maximize your resources. 
* Build roads and connect them using new castles or watchtowers 
  to expand your kingdom. Roads will eventually get very expensive. 
  Consider the distances you must cover. Plan your roads and how 
  each new castle looks like. Each new area will require a new 
* Try to have a complete setup of craftsmen, and not peasants, in 
  your kingdom as they give better bonuses. Build mansions and 
  train your peasants to upgrade them into craftsmen to keep your 
  progress from slowing down.

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