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  Hints and Tips for: Total War: WARHAMMER II 
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 Total War: WARHAMMER II Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips For Single Player Campaign:
*One question is whether or not having rebels are worth it for the extra 
money, and it usually depends. If youíre low on money, then yes, so long 
as you have a defense structure at a province capital. Only exception is 
your main capital if you have a significant trade income. Otherwise, if 
you have the money, try to maintain public order and develop instead, as 
waiting an extra 5 or 6 turns for a construction to resume is not ideal. 
Once youíve maxed out economically, you can scrap the public order and 
start getting rebels again. This is especially better for skaven as they 
get food from every fight, which can then be used for the food buffs or 
to improve newly conquered settlements. For High Elves itís worse due to 
the debuffs you get from low public order. Otherwise if youíre not willing 
to fight more rebels then you can keep the public order building. 
The problem is that while sometimes you can auto-resolve it just fine, 
there are other times you canít, and that takes up time.

*Auto resolve generally goes like this: Elves>Lizardmen>Skaven. Elves in 
general get a high auto resolve rating just from their lord alone, and 
add in some chariots and archers and suddenly the auto resolve says you 
have almost no chance. Thatís been my experience with the balance bar so 
far. Oh and if skaven have twice as many units as you as Lizardmen, then 
it also becomes favorable for them even though you can win that fight 
manually. You take significantly more losses (generally twice the amount) 
through auto-resolve than manually, and they tend to target the casualties 
on one specific unit or unit type.

*Do not go for intervention forces early unless youíre sure they have 
no army thatís stationed/will station there. The auto resolves generally 
arenít that great for them and they might target a different settlement 
from what you expected. Generally better later on when their armies are 
spread thin between dealing with your forces+enemy forces+chaos hordes.

*(seems to be Lizardmen-specific so far) If you have a technology that 
reduces construction costs and construction time that will be finished 
next turn, cancel all the current constructions of that type started 
this turn and wait until next turn. You can also wait a bit for further 
reduction through treasure hunting and events.

*For DE and Skaven, Loyalty is generally gained from winning battles, 
so if youíre thinking of recruiting a lord that turn, recruit him first 
and then fight with your current armies to gain some additional loyalty. 
This helps in particular when recruiting Grey Seers in Queekís campaign.
*All campaign effects like income, recruitment, and construction occur 
at the start of your next turn. Anything that interrupts those effects 
between the end of your current turn and the start of your next will 
cancel or delay those effects.

*For recruitment purposes, demolished buildings take effect before 
recruitment, and commandments come after.

*If youíve ambushed an army with reinforcements, your reinforcements 
will only arrive once the enemy has spotted one of your units.

*Individual models within a group get their hp restored at the end of 
a battle. So if all 90 archers get down to 1 hp at the end of the battle, 
the entire unit becomes fully replenished. This is why small groups 
like chariots can be useful in a campaign where you are often fighting 
more than one battle in a single turn.

*From an efficiency standpoint, donít go out of your way to explore the 
treasure locations at sea; the rewards are sometimes very helpful, but
other times donít apply.

*When thereís an enemy force right next to an enemy settlement youíre 
targeting, you can attack the enemy army first, then attack the enemy 
settlement. This gives more xp to your lord(s) and can weaken a fortified 
settlement. Just make sure you have enough movement points to perform both

*If it looks rather close whether you can attack a settlement or not, 
hold your move command over the settlement with your attacking force and 
look at the campaign movement percentage on the lower left side (left 
click to cancel by the way). If it says zero percent, then you usually 
wonít make it. Another way to tell is if the movement range of the army 
on the map shows a small yellow circle surrounding the settlement.

*Unless you want to upgrade it or they provide income, you donít ever 
need to repair military recruitment buildings.

*If you think youíll do poorly fighting a siege battle, you can opt to siege 
it for a turn instead. If their army is strong enough, theyíll force a fight 
in a field battle instead which, if you win, will weaken them significantly. 
There are times when a siege battle is better (mostly related to how the AI 
acts) so consider both scenarios before deciding.

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