Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity 
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 Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Cheats

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by KitsuChan

If you have questions about how to get the achievements of the game, 
this guide will probably help you get most of them.

C-C-C-Combo Maker
Landed a chain of 100 or more consecutive hits as Remilia or Sakuya.

Perform a combo of 100 or more hits. Very simple trophy, the time interval 
from one hit to another is very large, long enough to kill the monsters of 
a place and continues.

Miss Understanding
Defeated Mokou.

Mokou is the first boss of the game, you get the achievement by defeating her.

Reimu's Clues
Spoke with Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine.

When you arrive at the Hakurei shrine, the trophy will be won by talking 
to Reimu.

Everyone's a Winner!
Buy a capsule in Kourindou shop.
When releasing the shop look that there is a machine in the entrance, with 
it we can buy a capsule that contains a random iten, the items are better 
as the advance in the labyrinth tower.

Ultimate Strike
Dealt over 10,000 damage in a single hit as Remilia or Sakuya.
When you buy the capsules during step 2, look for a weapon with more than 
1300 attack, go to the first scenario of the game and use your strongest 

The Lap of Luxury
Have more than 300,000 coins in your possession as Remilia or Sakuya.
This is a small amount of coins, when you finish the labyrinth tower and 
sell the items you will probably get the achievement.

Health Nut
Raised Remilia or Sakuya's HP above 5000.
Look for equipment that increases your HP, when equipping 3 items and has 
HP 5000 or more the achievement will be unlocked.

Drop It Like It's Hot
Raised Remilia or Sakuya's item drop rate to 300% or higher.
Procure por equipamentos que aumentam o seu drop rate, assim que equipar 
3 itens e tiver drop rate 300% ou mais o achievement será conquistado.

Overly Critical
Raised Remilia or Sakuya's critical hit rate to 50% or higher.
Look for equipment that increases your critical hit rate, as soon as you
 equip 3 items and have a critical hit rate 50% or more the achievement 
will be won.

Mightiest in Gensokyo
Reached Lv. 99 as Remilia or Sakuya.
Over the course of time raising the level with one of the two characters, 
the achievement will be unlocked.

Summer Festivities
Saw any of the endings.
When you finish the fight against Suika, wait until the credits finish to 
conquer the achievement.

Happily Ever After

Saw the true ending.
The achievement will be achieved as soon as you defeat Flandre on the top 
floor of the maze tower.

Easy Level-Up Guide for The Mightiest in Gensokyo:
Written by Acidmeadow

This is a guide dedicated to getting easy level-ups and of course, getting one 
of the last few achievements that will probably be on any completionist's list, 
Mightiest in Gensokyo, whose obtaining is entirely dependent on you reaching 
level 99 with either Remilia Scarlet or Sakuya Izayoi.

It works with the assumption that you've already reached Patchouli Knowledge in the 
dungeon's B10 level after the supposed "final boss" and you have the ability to 
directly select her stage on the World Map, and you want to get every other achievement 
before you finish the game completely and get the last two achievements (provided 
you've Bullet Hell Mode turned on), or you just don't care for the order of doing 
things as long as they get done.

-=A Basic Explanation=-
The basics are simple: Taking advantage of how the game hands out experience, and 
when it does. Upon the defeating of any boss character you're given your XP and of 
course any level-up that you had coming.

-=The Process=-
The method for quickly leveling-up with Patchy is pretty much just this, except 
when you defeat her and the usual fanfare of beating a boss character happens, press 
the Start button to confirm your experience gains (which once you've depleted Patchy's 
health gauge you will have undoubtedly gotten) and exit the level by selecting 
"Back to World Map."

Once you're back to the world map, simply go back to Patchouli's stage, engage her 
again and repeat the process. Even at Level 78 the gains are substantial enough to 
make this an efficient means of closing in on those last few levels with relative 
ease, and with relative quickness.

Past 60, and given good enough equipment, you should be able to just go at her 
relentlessly. Let her have it.

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