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  Hints and Tips for: Tower Unite 
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 Tower Unite Cheats

Tower Unite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Guide to the 2017 Halloween Events:
Written by CarbonCopyCat

Brief rundown of what the 2017 Halloween events are, and how to get the 
exclusive items.

-=Halloween Character Event (Trick-or-Treating)=-
In this event, a random Halloween-related NPC spawns in a random location in 
the plaza and gives you a free Halloween-related item when you talk to them. 
You can get more than one item from the same NPC, but once you get  an item, 
you have to wait some time before getting another. On average, you can get 
around three items per NPC before they despawn.

-=Known spawn locations=-
Next to the Poseidon rollercoaster
Next to the launcher on the beach
Behind the Ferris Wheel
Behind the Laser Tag arena
Underneath the rock arch behind the Bowling Alley
Next to the railing of the Toy Stop
Underneath the railing next to Songbirds
Next to the Theatre
Next to the beach house behind Oasis
At the corner between Central Circuit and Sweet Suites

-=Items given=-
Candy Bucket (2016 Halloween Item)
Nasty Cleaver
Floating Candle
Floating Candelabra
Floating Book Pile
Nightmare Crab
Skull Candle

If pressing E on the NPC doesn't do anything (no item popup or dialogue 
screen), try interacting with it from the back or from on top. 

-=Forgotten Remains Event=-
When the event begins, several tombstones with skulls will spawn across the 
beach, and pressing E on one will give you one Forgotten Remains. There is 
a 10 second cooldown between collecting a Forgotten Remains and being able 
to collect another. Tombstones despawn when you or another player uses one, 
or when the event ends.

-=Items given=-
Forgotten Remains

You can check how many Forgotten Remains you own by looking at the bottom 
right of the screen while the Q menu is open.
There is an issue with the number of Forgotten Remains not updating, so you 
may need to wait a while before you're registered as owning them. In some 
cases, however, opening and closing the Esc menu may cause the number to 

-=Beelzebub's Cauldron=-
Beelzebub's Cauldron is located in the center of the plaza, replacing the 
fountain. Upon use, it will consume one Forgotten Remains and award an 
exclusive Halloween item.

-=Items given=-
Evil Cauldron
Miniature Ghost Pet
Throwable Cleaver
Throwing Knives
Spooky Gun

Piano Guide:
Written by Dr.Lemonstein

This guide is intended to be a guide that covers most aspects from the piano 
that we use in Tower Unite.

-=What is the Tower Unite Piano?=-
Tower Unites piano, is the game as the piano from Gmod Tower, called Virtual Piano, 
and not many people knew about this, that it was a pre-existing format. There is a 
rather sizeable community out there dedicated to playing Virtual Piano. 
Their website: here has many music sheets that are not in the original GMT music 
sheet list, the forums or in any Steam guides.

-=Key Guide=-
[abc] = Play notes at the same time
{abc} = Play notes in order quickly
a b c = Play normally
abc = Play faster
a-b-c = Short pauses between notes
a - b - c - = Long pause between notes
: = Equivalent to [as] [dg] at a line skip

-=Reading Keys=-
A S D = Means you will press A, S, D normally.
[AS] = Means you will press A and S at the same time.
AS / {AS} = Means you will press A, then S fast. {} means you'll press A, 
then S really fast but not at the same time.
A S A = Means you will press A, S, A with pauses.
A S (2x) D F = Means you will press A, S 2 times, then pressing D F only once.
Intro A S A / Verse 1 S A S = Means you will press A S A, Then S A S.

-=Where are the black keys?
The difference between some keys in songs for example could be E and e, 
this can confuse people.

a = Means White key, press a normally
A = Means Black key, hold Shift and then press a

-=Where to Find Songs?=-
As I said before, the Virtual Piano website has many music sheets that can be 
found here where users post covers of their songs, and you can also play the 
piano outside of Tower Unite here.

There is also a huge list of songs ranging from various difficulties here, that 
was provided to me by MacDGuy himself that can be found here. It is a huge document 
of songs that are known to work, many of them you may have listened to before from 
playing GMT.

Sometimes there are some songs that haven't been added to any lists or websites 
yet, that are not uploaded to the Virtual Piano website, if you really are looking 
for a certain song, I highly suggest that you check out the Virtual Piano Reddit 
here. While it is a small community, it has some dedicated members that may provide 
some new songs, or perhaps do song requests.

And of course there is the official Piano Lessons Sharing Thread that can be 
found on the Pixeltail forums here.

Unfortunately there might not be a song on any of those websites that I suggested 
that you would like to use, there is always the option to search for the song 
you want "(insert song name) virtual piano" and you might get lucky.

-=Converting MIDI to Virtual Piano=
There is a little piece of software that someone developed during the GMT days, 
that was provided to me by MacDGuy, this is a very temperamental file, that 
struggles to pull apart some more advanced songs, but feel free to download it 
here and experiment yourself. In order to use it you must have a MIDI file 
downloaded of the song of your choosing, and once prompted, upload the file in 
to the converter and it should give you a broken down version of your song, but
with this music sheet it won't give you much, you have to mess around with it 
yourself and salvage a working song, and hopefully you can share it with the 

Lobby 3 Secret Stuffed Animals Locations:
Written by Mattio

Location of all 10 stuffed animals located around the Lobby 3 Plaza. 
For achievement ‘Stuffed Discovery’.

-=Temporary Warning=-
Due to the achievements bug you won’t be able to collect the last one, due to a 
fatal error. Just letting you know this before hand, the next patch should fix these 

Also, before scrolling down at least try to find them yourself for 10 minutes! I 
like fairness and we all should have a smash at finding them, before looking at a 
guide, so go out there my lads and lasses and give it a go! Dare not give in to the 
temptations of the answers below! Go forth and discover!

Whale Plushy: Ferris Wheel.
Rockstar Dino Plushy: In the cave next to Poseidon.
Snail Plushy: On top of the Arcade.
Teddy Bear Plushy: Roof of Casino, behind the giant slots.
Fox Plushy: Above the Tower Lobby fountain.
Teddy Bear Plushy: Back of the Tower Lobby, above the exit.
Turtle Plushy: Next to one of the train tunnels at the station.
Dino Plushy: At the Theatre entrance to the left of the doors.
Penguin Plushy: On the beach.
Hedgehog Plushy: Between Songbirds (Music shop) and the Upgrades shop, on the grass.

Ghoul Coin Farming Guide:
Written by Heron

Looking for the fastest way to collect ghoul coins? Ghoul coins are currently 
set on a timer, once every 6 minutes on a time zone. The time zone should not 
matter and this will be used in this example.

Assuming you just log in at 1:00 P.M, you may get one coin doing what I list below 
between 1:00:00 P.M - 1:05:59 seconds).

The next coin available would be 1:06:00 - 1:11:59 seconds), then 1:12:00 - 1:17:59 
and so forth.

You can keep repeating this every 6 minutes, up to 10 coins per hour if only looking 
to farm coins this way.

I will list all the times that are ghoul coin worthy for those who can't count by 6 
at the bottom of the guide.

These coins may be obtained by doing mini-games in the plaza, typing derby, bowling, 
any machine in the arcade, fishing (this is kinda risky if you're not fast at fishing 
I found... I've missed a 6-minute window getting unlucky and finding fish/items 
instead of a ghoul coin) any actual game-mode such as zombie massacre, ball race, 
etc. Casino does not give ghoul coins.

Please note that all of these mini-games and different game modes are all based 
off the 6-minute rule on a clock. Again, this does not mean whenever you get a 
coin you need to set a 6 minute timer... you're able to get a coin 1 second before 
a 6 minute mark on a clock and 1 second after. That being said, it's possible to 
get 2 coins in 2 seconds, but... then you will have a 5:59 wait for your next coin.

It's also possible to get ghoul coins from the Special Halloween Characters that 
spawn in town, although a decently low chance (i'd guess around 10% of the time). 
Another way to get the ghoul coins is from the Cauldron when you turn in the 
Remains of the Dead (scattered around the beach, 10 per server). The cauldron 
coin drop rate is also pretty low, I'd say around 5%, some people have said it's 
higher than that to me but I'm just going off my experiences. My last 100 I've 
opened, I've gotten 3 coins. 
My previous 100 before that I was able to get 6 coins.

-=List of Times=
1:00:00 - 1:05:59
1:06:00 - 1:11:59
1:12:00 - 1:17:59
1:18:00 - 1:23:59
1:24:00 - 1:29:59
1:30:00 - 1:35:59
1:36:00 - 1:41:59
1:42:00 - 1:47:59
1:48:00 - 1:53:59
1:54:00 - 1:59:59

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