TowerFall Ascension Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: TowerFall Ascension 
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 TowerFall Ascension Cheats

TowerFall Ascension

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock Gunn Style Variant:
Press the following on the credits menu to unlock a new variant: 

General Tips:
* Catching arrows is perhaps the most important thing in TowerFall. 
  If you can master that, you can beat anyone. It's even possible 
  to catch multiple arrows at once with perfect timing. 
* Be careful when opening treasure chests, there may be a bomb inside! 
* Remember that levels wrap around. Shooting an arrow to the left of 
  the map to target someone on the right side always proves satisfying. 
* Spamming arrows can be a valid strategy in certain situations, though
  it may upset your opponent.
* Remember to jump on opponents' heads, especially if you run out of 
* When time runs short and the walls start caving in, use that to your
  advantage. Your opponent may be distracted, which is a great time to
  be more aggressive. 
* Laser arrows can be very dangerous – be sure not to accidentally kill
* Holding the shoot button allows you to aim your arrows, so use it often. 
* Don't use special arrows haphazardly. Wait for the perfect opportunity 
  to use them, even if it means being less aggressive. Wasting a perfectly
  good bomb arrow is a terrible thing. 
* We all love shiny treasure chests, but don't let your guard down. Your 
  opponent also knows your intentions and may be waiting to target you 
  when you head for the bait.

Ascension level:
Unlock all three bonus levels, then select the "Archives" option at the 
main menu. Change the page to "Ascension", then press [Right] [Up] [Left] 
[Right] [Right] [Down] [Down] [Up] [Down] to unlock the Ascension level.

Bonus levels:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding level:

Moonstone   : Play every default level once, then play the Sacred Ground
              level in Versus mode until it becomes unlocked.
Sunken City : Select Versus mode, then choose the "Random" option when 
              selecting a level. Repeat this until it randomly appears.
Towerforge  : Successfully complete the King's Court level in Quest mode.

Unlock all archers and levels:
Go to the credits screen. Then input the commands (you have to do it quickly). 
Spoiler alert: unlocking all of this with friends is much more fun than using 
this code. Use responsibly.

-=Unlock all archers and levels (Controller)?=-
Left - Right - LeftTrigger - RightTrigger - Up - Up - Down - Left - RightTrigger - A

-=Unlock all archers and levels (Keyboard)=-
Left - Right - Tab - Shift - Up - Up - Down - Left - Shift - C

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