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  Hints and Tips for: Toy Store Escape 
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 Toy Store Escape Cheats

Toy Store Escape

-First location Ė Facing the shop door. There is nothing to do here 
 apart from leave when the game is complete
-Move right twice into the room with the sad looking clown. Gather the 
 rings from the floor and the shelves and then place them onto the cone, 
 as per the old babyís toy. You need to place them in order, biggest to 
 smallest. The order is light purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, 
-Click behind the butterfly on the shelf to find a remote control handset
-Click the orange ball on the floor repeatedly to reveal the red bowling 
 ball. You need to collect this
-Move right to the scene with the big teddy. Click the rockets on the left 
 hand side of the screen. When the turquoise one is launched you should be 
 able to quickly click behind it to find the final ring for the cone. Go back 
 to the last scene to place this on the cone
-Go to the scene with the child and the tricycle. Click on the the red racing 
 cars on the bottom shelf. Then click the racing car game on the second shelf 
 from the top. Itís a pink looking thing. You then need to place the red car 
 into the game and complete ten laps without crashing either car. Itís pretty 
 easy to be honest
-Also from the shelf click and collect the skier
-Click the child until he falls over, you can then collect a dart from the 
-Move right again and give the remote control handset to the man looking at 
 the helicopter. You then need to control the helicopter as it bumps the 
 balloon. -The balloon will get smaller and smaller until it totally deflates
-Move right and give the bowling ball to the man. You then need to knock all 
 the pins over. You can also move the man to line him up correctly
-Move right until youíre in the scene with the child and the target board. 
 Give the dart to the child and then you need to throw a bullseye. Watch out 
 for the flying plane!
-Finally move right and drag the skier onto the slope thatís on the shelf. 
 Play the ski-ing game moving the skier from right to left whilst avoiding 
 the falling rocks and snowballs
-When all this is complete the door will open

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