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  Hints and Tips for: Trailmakers 
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 Trailmakers Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

Tips Collection:
Written by Invisible
* Hover over a block in the inventory to see its weight, power and key bindings.
* More engines on your vehicle means more speed.
* Engines are powered by Power Cores – Collect more Power Cores in the game to 
  increase the amount and size of engines on your vehicle.
* Consider the aerodynamics of your vehicle – especially in windy places. 
  Steamline your car with curved blocks.
* Consider the weight of your vehicle. If it keeps tumbling over, try makind 
  it wider or distribute the weight more evenly.
* Drag and drop saved vehicles into the world.
* Want to use a vehicle you made but you forgot to save it? The History panel 
  holds the last 10 vehicles that left build mode.
* Is your car spinning out of control when you turn? Try adding a few spoilers, 
  lowering the center of gravity or widening your vehicle.
* Many blocks have additional configurations. You can find these by selecting 
  the block and clicking the cogwheel.
* If you want a smooth flying experience add tailfins to your plane for drag 
  and stabilization.
* If your helicopter is spinning out of control try adding a helicopter servo 
  that spins in the opposite direction to counter the rotation.
* You need a powerful computer to host four players in multiplayer. If you 
  experience lag try limiting the player count to three or two or ask a friend 
  with a more powerful computer to host.
* You can put your vehicle on the Steam Workshop. Find the blueprint in the 
  menu, click on it and click the Steam icon.

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