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  Hints and Tips for: Transistor 
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 Transistor Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fill all three slots under Number 1 (where you can have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 
and 4 set to load functions). Now you can drag and move Number 2 left to 
replace Number 1, and suddenly Number 2 will have all slots accessible. 
Meanwhile, Number 1 doesn't lose any of the loaded functions. This makes it
easier to max out individual function sets without having to level up your 

Looking Glass easter egg:
The maintenance access door at the top of the tower district area has the access 
code 0451. Looking Glass had 0451 as the first entry code in every single game 
they made and now the same code appears in games like BioShock, Deus Ex, and 
Dishonored which ex-Looking Glass developers have worked on.

General Tips:
* Transistor has been described as an action/turn-based RPG hybrid, but the game 
clearly emphasizes the latter. Always use the Turn() function to plan your attacks,
and only resort to real-time combat if you have one weak enemy left or something 
like that. 

* Experiment with functions. You may have your favorites, but there are all kinds 
of combinations to try out that work better in different situations. It also makes
for a more compelling gameplay experience Ė as they say, variety is the spice of 

* Try to unlock all of the function files to gain a better understanding of the
story. The narrative in Transistor is purposely obtuse and may alienate some players,
but adding in pieces of the backstory helps alleviate some of the confusion. 

* Always have at least one or two Limiters equipped. The game feels a bit too easy
with none equipped, and the extra experience that comes with Limiters is certainly
a tempting incentive. 

* Consider using Jaunt() as an upgrade ability. It allows you to use a function 
while you recover the all-important Turn() function, which can save you in key 

* Spark() is a great function for damaging a group of enemies. 

* Hiding from enemies and turning them against each other aren't the two most
glamorous attacks, but Mask() and Switch() are very useful functions.

Some recommended Function Combos:
Written by Passwort_eingebe

Here are some recommendations for Function Combos, most of which you get early 
on and donít require NG+(Recursion). 
1. Jaunt(Purge + Spark) Completely underappreaciated combo. You can spam it while 
your Turn() is in cooldown, it allows you to sprint in and out of combat and 
slowing all enemies down due to the massive number of homing Purge Parasites that 
are spawned which will also deal with most enemies under 50 HP aswell as shielded 
cells, negating a few Limiters. 
2. Void(Get + Crash) One of the more popular choices. Get Void as soon as possible, 
the damage debuff aswell as the black hole effect with Get() will make your life 
easier, if not too easy. Once you hit an enemy with 3 Voids you can use any damage 
function to take down even the heaviest enemys in one go (except bosses). 
To make your playthrough as easy as possible 
3. Tab(Breach + Load) With the Void combo any good damage function will kill most 
heavys(except Jerk which gets a shield or something once its critical). Therefore 
you will do a lot of overkill damage. To maximize Void(Get)s black hole effect, 
use the AOE damage of Tab buffed with Breach and Load to win most battles in 1-2 
Turns, unless the enemy spawns in or you donít collect the cells. 
Mask(Mask + Breach/Void) Used for extra survivalabilty as well as dmg boost 
(3x Void + Mask + Dmg funciton). Barely had to use this at all. At most to buy 
me some time between Turns in Agency Trials or the last boss battle. 

Cull is overrated and is only ever usefull in boss battles and even then not 
particularly necessary. The Upward Impact effect it deals is rather annoying 
mostly and disrupts your gameplay after a while. 
Tab(Crash) disrupts the attack pattern and does not deal extra damage to a single 
Tab(Bounce) for some reason also does not significant add damage to a single target. 
(may need more testing) 
Some good passives if you use Turn are Breach and Jaunt, to increase cooldown and 
planning time and Void(2nd) if your upgrade slots are already filled. 
Switch and Help are rather unpopular choices, due to Switch not allowing you to
 deal damage to converted enemies and Help not beeing able to be called during 
Turn and taking too long to be summoned. 

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