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  Hints and Tips for: Trials: Fusion 
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 Trials: Fusion Cheats

Trials: Fusion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All tricks:
While in the air, press the indicated direction(s) while the bike is in the indicated
orientation to perform the corresponding trick:

-=Horizontal with Front Wheel Forward=-
Superman: Left 
Coffin: Right 
Proud Hero: Down 
Rule: Left, Up 
Dead Body: Left, Up, Right 

-=Horizontal and Upside Down=-
Underdog: Right 
Drill: Down 
Slash: Down, Left 

-=Vertical with Front Wheel Up=-
Going Up: Down 
Going To Heaven: Down, Left 
Kiss Of Death: Left, Up 

-=Vertical with Front Wheel Down=-
Going To Hell: Up 
Bow: Up, Right 
Polevault: Right, Down

Earn 20,000 Points in One Trick:
Recommended Level: Cactus Event – Air Time
To earn big points, you’ll need to build a huge multiplier. After a jump, pulling off
a perfect landing and entering unique stunts in mid-air will build the score multiplier. 
Keep the multiplier going by performing only unique stunts. Never repeat a stunt twice,
and hold the stunts until the title turns orange to increase your bonus. It takes practice.
Check out the step-by-step instructions below. It’s possible to earn larger score multipliers
than what are listed below, but you’ll need at least x6 by the fourth jump to earn the 
achievement / trophy. Before attempting to earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to 
memorize every position to pull off 6 unique tricks in a row.

* First Fall (No Multiplier)
  Two Stunts + Flip + Perfect Landing

* Second Jump (x3 Multiplier)
  One Stunt + Flip (Backflip / Forward Flip) + Perfect Landing

* Third Jump (x5 Multiplier)
  One Stunt

* Fourth Jump (x6 Multiplier)
  Two Stunts + Flip + Perfect Landing

If you can’t make the score by the fourth jump, continue through the track until reaching 
a massive fan. Use it to earn an even higher score, the big jumps near the end of the level 
give your rider plenty of extra air time.

Ninja difficulty tracks:
An alternate "Ninja" version of each of the five Extreme difficulty tracks can be unlocked.
To do so, reach the final checkpoint of an Extreme difficulty track with no faults. Then, 
bail just before crossing the end marker to launch across to the far side of the track to 
enter an opening, such as a well, cave, or hole. The track will restart, with the Ninja 
version active.

Secret levels and mini-games:
Successfully complete the indicated task to reach the indicated hidden level or mini-game:

-=Flying Fire Rings=-
In the "Wormholin' – Observatory" level, drop from a cliff to see fire erupting from a pipe. 
Drop onto this ledge and reverse to set the rear side of your bike on fire. This will make 
several fire rings appear in the sky, and you will be able to fly through them to reach a 
wormhole on a stationary aircraft in the air.

-=Marble Mini-Game=-
In the "Return Of The Sphere – Around The Oasis" level, reverse to fall into the water near
some pipes. You will be able to play a Marble mini-game that was also available in Trials: 

Near the start of the "Secret Agent – Cliffhanger" level, reverse and fall into the open 
hatch of the stationary UFO to be transported to the secret Maze level.

-=Penguin Washl=-
At the start of the "Penguin Wash – Stormtrooper" level, reverse through the sand ramp, 
and enter the purple glow near a truck to enter the secret level. Destroy all towers and
make the birds fall to complete the challenge.

-=Tennis Mini-Game=-
In the "Game, Set, Match – Park And Ride" level, carefully drop down onto the tennis court,
and wait in the middle of the court to start playing tennis against a penguin, using a 

Secret Ninja tracks:
There are five hidden Ninja difficulty tracks in the game. To unlock each of the secret 
tracks, successfully complete an Extreme difficulty track with zero faults. Then at the 
end of the Extreme difficulty track, bail out just before driving across the completion 
marker. If you can successfully shoot the driver into the cave, hole, or object past the
marker, you will start back at the beginning of the track on the Ninja difficulty. Each 
Ninja track is an extremely difficult variation on the Extreme track. Ninja tracks were 
originally created in the Trials: Evolution editor by the fan community. Only the best 
players can complete these tracks, which often require unique or unintended maneuvers 
to complete.

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