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  Hints and Tips for: Trials 2 - Second Edition 
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 Trials 2 - Second Edition Cheats

Trials 2 - Second Edition

Submitted by: RM

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable        How to Unlock
Acrobat         - Awarded for completing all Wheelie and Flip tracks without
                  any falls. That's solid driving by any standard.	
Bad Vibes       - Awarded for falling between the last checkpoint and the 
                  goal after an otherwise flawless run in any hard level. 
Balls of Jorma  - Completed Construction Work by leaning on the gas pedal for
                  the run and never touch the brake. That's how coder Jorma 
                  does it. Oh, and he never falls!
Been There      - Awarded for completing every track in the game. Now let's 
                  see you do that without falling down.
Beer Case       - Completed King of the Beer without a fall. Zakor, the first 
                  guy to ever pull it off, actually won a case of beer for 
                  doing this.	
Boner           - Awarded for completing Ladder Madness without changing your 
                  posture. No falls allowed.	
Inferno         - Pass Inferno under 6 min, doing less than 6 fault and doing
                  6 flips. Beware, many brave men have lost their souls while
                  trying to get this achievement	
Intro of Speed  - Yeah, you went really fast on Basics of Handling.
Maracas         - Awarded for managing to do 10 flips in an environment completely
                  unsuitable for doing so. It's going to be a Jumpy Ride!	
Newton          - Awarded for completing all Dynamic levels without any falls. 
                  You defy the laws of physics!	
No Gain No Pain - Clocked over 10 hours of driving. Taking classes at the school 
                  of hard knocks, are we?	
Pilot's License - Reach 20 seconds of air time in Big Jumps without falling once.
                  Seriously, what do you DO up there? Inquiring minds want to know.
Speed Boost     - Completed all the Easy tracks in under 6 minutes without a fall.
                  Confidence and style. What's not to like?	
Speed of Jorma  - Beat Jorma Highway in under 18 seconds. Do you even know where 
                  the brake is?	
Superhuman      - Completed every Hard level without a single fall. That's just 
                  insane. Seriously, are you even human?	
Top Dog!        - Reached number one position on a track's leaderboard. Now let's
                  see you STAY there.
Top Score       - Reached the top five on a track's leaderboard. One of the elite
                  few by any standard.	
True Fan        - Awarded for being downright awesome. It's not about performance
                  on the bike, it's about being seriously cool.
Voltman         - Performed over 60 flips on the flip tracks without a single fall.
                  Guess drivers like this don't even need helmets.	
Wheelie Man     - Awarded for a total of 200 meters of wheelies in the wheelie 
                  tracks without a fall. What are you, a human gyroscope?

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