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  Hints and Tips for: Tribes of Midgard 
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 Tribes of Midgard Cheats

Tribes of Midgard

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basics of Clearing SAGA Mode:
Written by Veniym

-=Basic Objectives=-
In order, you should be striving to complete this list.

* Tinkerer to Tier 3
* Quarry Built
* Lumbermill Built
* Locate the Bridge
* Build the Bridge
* Activate the Portal
* Defeat Saga Boss

So, lets do a rundown on how to complete this as quick and painless as possible.

Gather every rock and iron node you can see right out the gate. Grab a few trees 
as well. While running through the wild, take your first day exploring and gathering. 
Your'e specifically looking to find the swamps for some fast silver to upgrade your 
tools and weapons. If you have to come back to base due to night time, go ahead and 
try to grab some better tools, weapons, armor. Once you get used to the method you 
can probably jump from Tier 1 armor right into the raider gear if you even end up 
crafting the Tier 1.

Now, you should be putting all items you find in the community chest on each return 
to the village for others to use as well. While we are at it I should let you know, 
the community chest will allow you to use resources from the chest directly when 
crafting items and upgrading the base. With that out of the way, you are probably 
sitting on day 2 or 3 if your'e having an average run. You should have the tinkerer 
to level 3 and you should have the quarry built at this point. You may want to go 
ahead and start looking for the Jotunn and get some early damage on him before the 
Bloodmoon starts. If you happen to get Bloodmoon with the giant still up, finish 
that and immediately go finish killing the giant so that you have the next night 

On day 5 you should be completing your Lumbermill now and hopefully getting some 
gates and maybe even Archery towers up. If you have extra souls, prioritize getting 
Tier 3 armorer and blacksmith. But once the Lumbermill is built, you hopefully have 
found the bridge or are close to it. You should start funneling resources into the 
bridge as quickly as possible. Once this is complete you will likely be sitting on 
day 7 or 8 with an average luck run.

Now the stress begins. You have been fending off giants and Bloodmoons. You still 
need to get shards for the portal. Have everyone put their gathered shards into the
portal so you know what you need. Most likely no one has gathered hideout shards. 
That's fine. Find the Shrine with a sorcerer on a beach and buy 5 of them. (1500 
each) if you need others you can find them at their respective sorcerers around the 

You are probably around Day 10 with any luck and ready to fight the Saga Boss. If 
you have no immediate threats, do it. If you have a Bloodmoon or a Giant threatening 
your run, take care of it as quickly as possible. Winter is coming. You need to get 
to work on the Boss.

This is the absolute most basic way to explain your basic objectives. Best of luck!

PS: You really don't need to upgrade the Blacksmith or Armorer to Tier 4, you can 
finish the game with Tier 3 Unlocked.

How To Get Golden Horns:

The ultimate guide on how to max out your Golden Horns to spend in the shop!

-=Just play=-
The most simple method to earning Golden Horns, is putting in the time and effort. You 
earn Golden Horns at levels 6, 10, 15, 20, 26, 32, 40, and 46 of the Battle Pass. Which
of course, you level up your season rewards track by playing the game and completing 
worlds. All of these combined will add up to a whopping 40 Golden Horns, just for playing
and having fun.

-=Engage in combat as much as possible while out exploring your new world=-
There is a small chance you can receive a Golden Horn every two or three worlds you load 
into, but there's no definitive percent or chance I can list. They just drop out of blue
every now and then when playing throughout the game.

-=Slay the Jötunn every time it appears=-
Each slain Jötnar will reward you with 1 Golden Horn upon returning to the main menu. 
This is going to take some skill and a lot of patience, because they can be very difficult
to slay all alone. I recommend teaming up with at least 1 friend to make the fight less 

-=Slay the Saga Boss=-
Upon slaying the Saga Boss, you will receive 5 Golden Horns after exiting through the 
Bifrost at the end of the game. You will also gain massive bragging rights over those 
who have yet to complete the Saga Boss.

-=Complete the achievement challenges=-

There are 2 achievement challenges that will reward you with 5 Golden Horns each. 
They are the Legendary Crafter & Paw Paw challenges.

Useful Tips How to Win Solo Mode:
Written by Butcher

How to win solo:

1)Start with villager kit
2)Search around the village to find flint and wood to craft pickaxe and axe
3)Explore the world to find:
a*)Swamp for silver, linnorm and shock mushrooms
a)Barricades in order to get materials for the mine
b)The bridge
c)Fragment traders
d)Pawn shop
4)When night falls, don’t go to the village. Collect mushrooms in the night to 
  get shock mushrooms for the axe.
5)Upgrade tools to level 4, then upgrade weaponsmith to level 4 to get purple electric axe
6)Repair mine. Don’t repair or build anything else.
7)Repair the bridge. Might spend a bit crafting.
8)Kill jotunns of course
9)If tree hp is low – sell wood, leather and other things you don’t need
10)Do events and easy quests like donating fur or clothes
11)Find portal beyond the bridge, get remaining fragments by trading with pawn traders
12)Get inside, kill Fenrir with 180k
a)Just avoid attacks by staying under his belly
b)If he starts crying – roll away

That’s all folks

How to Unlock Berserker Class:
Written by Hans

Here is a guide on how to unlock the Berserker Class in Tribes of Midgard.

-=The Plan=-
Forget about the Saga Bosses for this run. Any class will do so pick your poison. we are 
going to work on your Village. The Village at night will be attacked by countless amounts 
of Helthings and after a few nights go by, there should be plenty enough to unlock the 
Beserker Class.

1.Gather you materials

* Branches
* Flint
* Stone
* Wood
* Iron

These materials are vital to the plan. You will also be required to upgrade your 
Village Tinker to level three to be able to convert you raw materials into what you will 
need to upgrade your Village walls, and Archer Towers.

2. Locate the Land of Pools
We are hunting for Linnorms (The Dragon Snake creatures) and Lunar Stormcap Mushrooms. 
These bad boys drop Linnorm Spikes, and Mushroom Moon Bolts, These materials can be used 
to craft the weapon of choice for this run, the: Nornir Axe I.

What you need to craft the Nornir Axe I
* 9 Stone
* 5 Linnorm Spikes
* 2 Mushroom Moon Bolts

Note: It is not required to tech up your Nornir to the next grade, but doing so only
makes the process easier.

-=The Setup=-
Once you’ve acquired adequate resources to upgrade your Village, Decide between one of 
the three Walls of your Village to set aside. This side Will only get An upgrade to the Walls.
The two other sides will receive both an upgrade to the Walls and to the Archer Towers.

I recommend you upgrade your Archer Towers first over the Walls since waves are both shorter 
and smaller in the early game. This Allows you to worry about other trivial tasks than having
to defend.

-=Executing the plan=-
About right around day Seven in your run you will begin to get enough spawns of Helthings 
to accomplish this Challange.

What you will need to do now is wait until the night is about to end. At this point a large 
number of Helthings will have gathered together at your Wall. This is the time to strike.

Jump down from the wall and start killing the helthings. Keep in mind that Twinlings Upon 
death split into two entities upon death. Both entities spawned from its death DO count 
towards the requirements for the challenge.

If you have killed off your Helthing Wall stack with fruitless results, quickly make way 
towards one of the other two Gates. You still might have time left to pick off one or two 
Helthings before the timer runs down.

If all Results Fail, Wait until the next night. Rinse and repeat until desired results.

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