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  Hints and Tips for: Tron 2.0 
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 Tron 2.0 Cheats

Tron 2.0

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Becky
Submitted by: conner54

While playing, press [T] then type any of the following 
codes for the desired cheat effect: 

Code            Result 
mpkfa         - All Weapons, Full Health/Energy.
mptears       - All Weapons, Full Health/Energy.
mpammo        - Full Energy.
mphealth      - Full Health.
mpgod         - God Mode.
mpmaphole     - Skip Level.
mptears       - All Weapons, Full Health/Energy.
mppos         - Show position.
mpguns        - All guns.
mprosebud     - Spawns a tiny silver briefcase.
mpnextmission - AXskips the entire mission.

A better disc melee weapon:
While you can hold down CTRL while attacking to turn your disc-based
throw into a disc-based melee "smack", don't do this -- it is less 
powerful and slower than simply getting up close, aiming for the head,
and repeatedly throwing. (The drawback is that if you somehow miss, 
your disc has the potential to fly way beyond the enemy before you 
can recall it, leaving you open for attack. So don't miss.

Fun uses for Triangulate:
If you see a couple of ICPs or other enemies far off in the distance 
and want to snipe them -- but do not have enough energy left for a 
single LOL ranged shot -- then use the Triangulate powerup and your 
regular disc throw. If you have Triangulate upgraded all the way, you'll
be able to zoom WAY in so that you can position your disc to hit them on
the head and de-rez them in one shot.
You can also use Triangulate to increase the zoom factor of your LOL. Your 
LOL can only zoom to a factor of 2, but with Triangulate loaded, it can 
zoom to 3x and 4x, just like any other weapon.

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