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 Trophy Bass 2 Cheats

Trophy Bass 2

Fishing Tip 
To hook into a fish, all you have to do is:

1)Select the 7.0 foot heavy rod with 30lb. Test line in the 
  "Casting" category.

2)Select a large, green grub with a jig head.

For a Catfish, cast it near it's head and let it sink to the bottom. 
Then...BOOM! For any other fish, cast it a little farther away from 
the fish, and reel it SLOWLY by its head. Then, again, BOOM! 

After hooking into a fish, all you have to do to reel it in is: 

1)Set your reel speed to 5. 
2)Set your Drag to 3. 
3)As you reel, keep pushing the mouse or joystick up and down or 
  in circles.

Any fish of any size will reel in pretty quickly without breaking 
the line. Rarely, some fish will spit the hook though. 

Huge Fish 
Go to single player. Then, Fishing Trip. When the screen comes up 
and tells you to start a new trip, click on Quick Fish. It should 
take you to Bull Shoals Lake. For your bait, pick spoon, weedless 
skirt,(lower left hand corner), get out of bait settings. 
After that you put some scent to your bait. Set the auto cast about 
2 inches from the fish. Set the drag so there are only 2 yellow dots 
seen. Cast and let bait sink. 
Darg the bait slowly past the fish. Boy, it is strong.

Sound test:
With the CD-ROM inserted, press P to pause at the beginning of the 
screen. Press P again to resume. You will hear a different sound. 
Repeat to cycle through the various sounds in the game. 

Catching catfish:
Use a spinner to catch catfish more easily.

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