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  Hints and Tips for: Tropix 
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 Tropix Cheats


Submitted by: Muhammad kashif

Don't forget to purchase items from all three categories (Food, Fun, and Comfort) 
in order to complete your island and unlock new games.

Click on items on your islands to get the monkey's attention. Click on the fishing 
pole and monkey goes fishing! Click on fireworks and the monkey will light them off! 
What else might that silly monkey do?

If you have any banana trees on Outset Island, you can go to the shop to sell the 
bananas they drop! If you have enough trees, you can earn a lot of sand dollars this 
way. This also works with the fruit trees on the other islands.

You can rename an island by clicking on its current name in the upper right of the screen.

Right-click on a power-up in Cascade to change the direction it is aiming. Now you can 
smash away that pesky ice that has been building up.

Grab as many bananas as you can in Jungle Jump. Not only will they replenish your health, 
but they'll also give you a big bonus at the end of the level.

Right-click in Puffer Popper to swap the crab's current bubble with the one in reserve. 
Use this technique to save yourself from tight spots, or to create bigger combos.

Longer words will give you higher scores in Water Words. Use your swaps wisely and 
watch the sand dollars start rolling in.

Each level in Water Words contains a secret bonus word. Solve the riddle and find the 
bonus word for extra points.

In Coco-Bowl, remember to steer the coconut by moving the mouse left or right. With 
practice you can dodge crabs, overcome the wind, and hit that last standing pin!

In Trijong, use the undo button whenever you realize you've gotten yourself stuck. 
You can undo as many times as you want, so don't be afraid to use this feature.

If you make it to the end of the path in a game, you will receive a huge reward.

You can send a snapshot of your island to a friend as a postcard. Go to the shop to 
find the postcard button. It's a fun way to share your island vacation, and you never 
know when you'll hit the postcard jackpot.

Flowers attract flying animals to your home islands: butterflies, humming birds, 
fireflies and more.

You can watch the monkey and crab play on your home islands in an animated screensaver 
(check the options page). The more you decorate, the better it gets.

In Sandoku you can enter numbers two different ways. Left-click to select a number 
from the stone buttons, or right-click for a quick pop-up menu. 

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