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  Hints and Tips for: Troubleshooter 
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 Troubleshooter Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mastery Set Effects:
Written by TR-RexEviL

-=Fire Blessing
Fire Resistance I + II + III 
Receive Regeneration when hit by Fire atk.
Regeneration - Restore 3.33% hp at the start of every turn. Duration 3 turns.

-=Physical Resist. I/II/III
Blunt I(II,III) + Pierce I(II,III) + Slash I(II,III)
Physical Resist. I effect : Physical property damage is reduced by 10%.

-=The Best Choice
Tactical Envelopment + Tactical Sense + Concentrated Fire + Strategist
Tactical Sense: If you have more enemies than your own, your defense rate 
increases by an additional 5%.
Tactical Siege: If you have a larger number of enemies than your enemy, your 
accuracy will increase by an additional 5%.
Critical Hit Damage increases by 15%.

-=Final Resistance
Indomitable Will + Will to Survive + Survival Training + Body Training
Final Resistance : If your health is below 10%, defend against all attacks.

-=The Expert
Large Bottom Pocket + Large Top Pocket + Practised Hands
I didn't test it, It is assumption.
Action time for tools reduces by 1.

Muscle Armor + Muscle Training + Body Training + Solidity 
Hp increases by 200.
I didn't test it. It is assumption.

Lightning Reflexes + Run + Bounding Stride + Highspeed
Speed increases by 10
Move distance by 1.

-=Swordsman Class (Albus, Alisa)

Counterattack + Sharp Blade + Swordmaster + Alacrity.
When Dodging: Counterattacks will definitely hit the enemy. (Can Crit)
When Hit: The counterattack will be a critical hit on the enemy. (Can Miss)
It is weird that it can miss.

Hemorrhage + Bloodshed + Blood Scent + Blood Thirst.
When Attacking: Fully Recover all action points when taking enemies in 
#Bleeding out of action.
When Defending: Action time decreases by 10.
Target must be in bleeding status
Doesn't work if you 1 hit or crit. You can't use the same skill again

-=Combo attack
Bladestorm + Swordmaster + Adventurer + Highspeed
Bladestorm: Attacks activated by Bladestorm will always hit.
Adventurer: Additional 10% damage to higher lvl enemies.

Combatant Class (Irene, Leton, Don)
Counterattack + Final Blow + Clean Hit + Close Combatant
When Dodging: Counterattack damage increases by +50%
When Hit: Counterattack damage increaess by +100%.

Mage Class (Sion, Carter, Bianca)
-=Soul Stealer

Burning the soul + Drain Soul + Mage + Willpower 
Burning the Soul: Additionally decrease targets vigor by 10 when crit.
Burning the Soul: Recover the same amount of vigor burnt.
Max Vigor increases by 20

Fire Type (Irene, Carter)
-=Final Flame
Phoenix + Cauterize + Eternal Flame + InnerFlame
Cauterize: +1% hp per debuff recovered.
Phoenix: Overcharge revival
Generate 1 Fire Sp when turn ends.

-=Dancing Flame
Flame Crash + RagingFire + Roaring Blaze + Flamist
Crying Blaze: +25% chance to cause burn using fire attacks.
Flame Collision: +25% damage when attacking enemies with fire property debuffs.
Fire Critical damage +10%.

Lightning Type (Sion)
Acute Pain + Electric Shock + Energy Conversion + Lightning Master
Energy Conversion +10 sp extra.
Electric Shock 25% additional chance.
Vigor Recovery +2.

Wind Type (Albus, Bianca)
-=Blood Wind
Strong Wind + Wind Hammer + Wind Blade + Wind Master 
Action Time decreases by 20 when taking out enemies. Wind Sp increaes by 10.

-=Second Wind
Wind Wall + Head Wind + Haze + Wind Road 
Wind Wall: Additional damage from shots of falling attacks additionally decreases by 5%
Haze: Damage from melee attacks decreases by 5%.
Trigger Regeneration at the start of the turn if hp is below 33%
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