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  Hints and Tips for: Troubleshooter 
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 Troubleshooter Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Step by Step Instrucitons:
Written by Botzu

First thing you want to do when you enter the map is take out the unit on 
the elevated position infront of you on your right. He is obscurred initially 
but feel free to walk into his line of sight as he wont alert others as long 
as you kill him before he gets a turn. 

Next, move forward with your units and immediately kill off the next elevated 
unit on your right. This unit will call for help if ever given the chance so 
he is top priority. The enemies in the path to the right will also split up 
and attack you and GRP 3 so this part unfortunately requires some luck as a 
member of GRP 3 can easily be killed due to RNG or if you fail to kill the 
unit on the elevated position before he calls for help. Remember to trigger 
GRP1 the first chance you get and move the the 2 gunners south before the 
patrolling units reach them. If you are having trouble with this part make 
sure to remember that shield VHPD have the skill iron wall, and standing 
behind them or on their sides gives concealment as well as cover. This +50 
block form concealment gives pretty good protection from unlucky crits. You 
will also need to kill a second unit on the right corner just infront of GRP3, 
he hangs out halfway up the staircase going up to the elevated area in the 
middle and can also alert the enemies infront of GRP2 if you are unlucky. 

Aleternative! If you are having trouble killing all the enemies before they 
pull aggro or you want to kill Kevin, you can also survive this section by 
turtling in the left area hiding all of your units in the corner where GRP1 
was. If you set Irene up as a tank with iron wall you can effectively block 
off the pathway with albus, irene and shield VHPD forming a wall to guard 
Sion and Anne. Once you kill off all the melee units inch your way north 
keeping everyone behnd the iron wall and eventually you can get to Kevin who 
is hiding in the top left corner. Smoke Grenades are a good choice for this 
route as there is a lot of ranged attackers. Be warned that Stragglers can 
sometimes go for GRP2 while this is happening but they usuauly can beat 1 
or 2 enemies.

Congratulations, you are past the most difficult part. Now, you will want 
to move group 1 south and start clearing out the side rooms. These rooms 
are located on your left and in the bottom right corner. They will activate 
anyway when you get all 3 groups but killing them now means its much easier 
to navigate everyone to safety later without much trouble. Feel free to 
have the shield VHPD lead the group, just have him use iron wall every turn 
and he can tank really well. 

Once this is done you will want to clear out the group of spoonisms. There 
is a path just to the right of GRP 3 that you can move into, just make sure 
not to activate group 3. The group is quite big but the units arent that 
strong. Be careful not to let them go too far north or they will alert a 
group of white tiger butchers and hoodlums. Once they are killed you are 
safe to activate GRP 2. 

At this point move all of the VHPD units from GRP 1 and 2 to the starter 
area and ontop the evacuation panels. 

Activate GRP 3 and move them to evacuation panels. They will need protection 
if you didn't kill kevin so feel free to fodder some of your party so long 
as one of them lives and all the VHPD escape you are good to go.

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