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  Hints and Tips for: Truberbrook 
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 Truberbrook Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by orgua

On the journey to get all achievements.

-=Story Related Achievements=-
The Lazarus Incident: Finish the Prologue.
Welcome to Trüberbrook: Finish Chapter One.
Paradiso: Finish Chapter Two.
The Tannhauser Gate: Finish Chapter Three.
Ode to Klaus: Save Klaus.
...Then I'll Make You Mine: Attend the concert.
Transdimensional Homesick Blues: Finish Chapter Four.
Live Together, Die Alone: Finish the Game, Part I.

Beverly: Record 10 dictaphone entries.
Wrapped in Plastic: Record 15 Dictaphone Entries.
The Foxes Are Not What They Seem: Record 20 Dictaphone Entries.
The Lonesome Foghorn Blows: Record 25 Dictaphone Entries.
Every Day, Once a Day, Give Yourself a Present: Record 30 Dictaphone Entries.

Hint: Some items change during the game and hans records a second message.

-=Peoples Stories=-
The Patron of Trüberbrook: Listen to the Baron's Story.
Family Business: Listen to Trude's Story.
Mr Universe: Listen to Lazarus' Story.
Road Trip: Listen to Gretchen's Story.
Rabbit Hole: Listen to Lessing's Story.
Norwegians Call You Lars: Listen to the Sailorman's Story.
Insight: Listen to the Alpinist's Story.
16 Years, 304 Days and 9 Hours: Listen to Barbarossa's Story.
The Star Cybernetician: Listen to Leni's Story.
Partly Cloudy: Listen to Madonna's Story.

Future Imperfect: Make a wish - throw your coin into the water of the cave.
Papers, please!: Read all the newspapers - hotel with gretchen, hotel day after, 
sanatorium, control station, tree house, hotel cellar?
Beardy Type: Tell Trude about Heinz - you will find him after getting access to 
swamp and taking yellow boots and the key
Hraban: Send Crows to 6 Different Spots - 3x market place (antenna / dish, 
cinema, bucket), tree at the lake, dinosaur in the swamp, under the treehouse.

Hint: I think some achievements need a second gaming session.

Hans Tannhauser's Final Repose: maybe convince the sanatorium guy that you are an alien
Meteor Police: throw the coin into the looking-glass instead of the water in the cave
Open, Sesame!
A Matter of Perspective: maybe click the marks in the cave in opposite order 
(new to old)?
You Remind me Today of a Small Mexican Chihuahua: 35 dictaphones? i found 32 entries 
on first playthrough
Dull Trumps: some different answer when talking with lazarus about the card-game?
Gotta Light?: get key to cellar, but dont have the jar with firefly? Or use the rockets 
during the concert on a special object?

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