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  Hints and Tips for: Turnip Boy Commits 
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 Turnip Boy Commits Cheats

Turnip Boy Commits

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tax Evasion All Hearts & Secrect Boss:
Written by tax season

For Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion players, this is a part of complete how-to 
commit tax evasion, with hearts and secrect boss, let’s check it out.

There are many heart fruit spread throughout the game! Here’s how to find them!
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion All Hearts & Secrect Boss

-=Boss Heart Fruits=-
You’ll get a Heart Fruit every time you defeat a boss in the first 4 dungeons!

-=Alleyway Heart Fruit=-
You can find a Heart Fruit in the alleyway in Layer Lane after beating the Bustling 
Barn! Just do the Boombloom puzzle to find it!

-=Pickled Gang Heart Fruit=-
After beating the Forsaken Farmhouse, you can free the Pickled Gang from their jar. 
This is the side quest that unlocks the fedora, so do that! Once you get the fedora, 
you can talk to the Pickled Gang again. They’ll say their goodbyes, and you can 
leave the room and come back to find a Heart Fruit they left behind!

-=Graffiti Guy Heart Fruit=-
In the generator room in the Forsaken Farmhouse, you can find a can of spray paint. 
Bring this to Graffiti Guy in Weapon Woods and he’ll give you a Heart Fruit!

-=Plain Plains Heart Fruit=-
After beating the Forgotten Forest, head to the right of the Plain Plains and use 
your Potted Petalporter to uncover this Heart Fruit!

-=Cavern Cat Heart Fruit=-
After collecting all the Tax Documents and Hats in the game, head over to the 
Crumbling Cavern on Rocky Ramp and find the Heart Fruit the cat left behind.

-=Secret Boss=-
To fight the secret boss (required for 100%), you must first rip up ALL the tax 
documents in the game. After that, fight the boss of the Mysterious Mafia Base and 
on their defeat, you’ll fight the secret boss!

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