Turok - Dinosaur Hunter Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Turok - Dinosaur Hunter 
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 Turok - Dinosaur Hunter Cheats

Turok - Dinosaur Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat option. 
The phrase "Code Activated" will confirm correct code 
entry. Then, enter the cheat menu to activate the code.

Effect          Retail version  3Dfx version  
Invincibility   LLSNMRTN        DDDNSTBR 
Spirit mode     MBRNKLSN        NDNLP 
All weapons     MGRLSGTM        THMSCLS 
Unlimited ammo  RHNSRLL         LNJHNSN 
Big heads       PRMSHN          RBCHN 
All map         TRNTNNQ         GNNTRTMNT 
Dana mode1      HFLLTHSH        JSNCRPNTR 
Purdy colors    CRLSFNDNGS      CRLSFNDNGS 
Gallery         HTSDNM          SHNTRRNT 
View credits    LRNMSNHR        THTRTMBB 
Quack mode2     GSRCGKFS        DNLDDCK 
All keys        DGHTTSRS        NGLCKCK 
Fly mode        KNTSFSKS        BKSTRD 
Show enemies    TKMDKK          FHGTBC 
Disco mode      BGGNTSS         JHNNCK 

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Grim Reaper  29.o4.2ooo

In menu enter the *enter cheat* and below.
then finnish head back to menu and enter *cheat* to 
activate the codes on/off

Code       Result
llsnmrtn - god mode
mgrlsgtm - all weapons
trntnnq  - all maps
dghttsrs - all keys
kntsfsks - fly mode

Level select:
Enter one of the following codes to begin 
game play at the corresponding game location.

Location    Retail version  3Dfx version  
Level 2     QTMBGS          DRRNSTBBNGTN 
Level 3     GTMNDSBF        MKJNK 
Level 4     NCPGHM          PTNDNCN 
Level 5     RSTPDFRPL       NNTND 
Level 6     BGRSD           TRMNN 
Level 7     NBCD            JMDNN  
Level 8     LFRRSPR         MRGRTTRR 
Longhunter  CRCDND          JHNTHMS 
Mantis      CTNTSCND        STPHNBRML 
T. Rex      THSFNDNT        GRGMLCHCK 
Campaigner  HSTSMN          RNTRC

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