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  Hints and Tips for: TV Sports Basketball 
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 TV Sports Basketball Cheats

TV Sports Basketball

HEX Edit: 
As I promised, here is the info that some of you diehard CinemaWare
fans had been asking for. First, where to find the player attributes?
They are in a file called "seas.blt". If you use the Norton DiskEdit
program, this is actually quite easy to do. Bring up the file and
simply page down until you start seeing the player names. They are
grouped by team. You will notice there will be a section of names
followed by a section of seemingly useless hex codes. This "useless"
section is really the attributes for each player on the team directly
above. Take note: Each player has a 12 byte attribute string associated
with him. If you look closely you sill see that the player attribute
strings are separated by two groups of zeros (i.e. 00 00). 

Below is a listing of the attribute bytes in order and what each is: 

1. Stamina - the higher hex number means this player can stay in the
game longer before tiring. I've noticed that players with
higher stamina are more likely to commit fouls, violations etc.
. . In other words find a happy medium. 

2. Height - still must be in the range of 5'7" to 7'7". The hex code
for 6'6" is 0E. Count up or down from there in hex for heights.
Trying greater than 7'7" will give a figure with no head or
arms, just long legs and midsection. 

3. Jersey #- hex code 07 will show a #10 jersey. Some numbers are not

4. Release - as you may have noticed, not all players shoot alike. Some
hold the ball a little longer before releasing to be successful
on their shot. This byte determines how long. 

5. Arc - how high the ball arcs when shooting. A hex code of 01 or
02 indicates almost a line drive, while an 04 is one rainbow of
a shot. The catch is high arcing shots are much harder to
block, but line drive shooters draw more fouls. 

6. Velocity -determines how the ball will drop into the basket. Higher
arcs need less velocity so they will tend to drop straight into
the basket. Line drives need to drift forward and glide more
horizontally into the basket. 

The next six bytes you will recognize as the "pencil" attributes. 

7. Shooting -outside shooting. 

8. Passing - ball-handling and passing. 

9. Defense - self-explanatory. 

10. Rebounding - " 

11. Quickness - " 

12. Jumping - " 

Though it is possible to put in attributes on the ratings of 9 or
more, I'm not so sure it helps after a certain point. To keep the
game exciting, I still stick to 8 as the upper limit, I just have more
than one #3 and #4 players : ). The best part of this is, you can save
the seas.blt file under different names, thus once you have gotten the
file edited the way you want it, you can have one file with just
college teams and players in it, another with pros, and so on. The
schedule and season are also saved in this file after each game, so if
you make a .bat file that will copy the version of the modified
seas.blt to "seas.blt" you can switch around between pros and college.

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