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  Hints and Tips for: Twelve Signs Volume 2 
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 Twelve Signs Volume 2 Cheats

Twelve Signs Volume 2

Submitted by: RM

First key - turn on the projector, swithc off lights, look at the end 
of yellow arrow on the floor box left of sofa with aquarius-sign 

Second key - is inside sofa-pillow ripped off with the sword big bright 
star (when lights are out) with sagittarius-sign 

Cracking the code:
The password : it is zodiac (in lower case as indicate in the wall)
There are six cards collected to retrieve the password. Each card will 
have a roman number showing sequence in password, a japanese KANJI character 
indicating a code , and a final number (in english or japanese pronunciation) 
showing which character you should pick when you translate the code into 
english or japanese pronunciation. 

Card 1: "Wind" + "3" in japanese
means 3rd character in KAZE(japanese word for "wind" = Z

Card 2: "Rainbow" + "6" in english means 6th character in RAINBOW = O

Card 3: "Gold" + "4" in english 
means 4th character in GOLD = D

Card 4: "Silver" + "2" in japanese
means 2nd character in GIN (japanese word for silver)= I

Card 5: "Rain" + "1" in japanese
means 1st character in AME (japanese word for rain) =A

Card 6: "Cat" + "1" in english 
means 1st character in CAT =C

-Click the couch. Get the 2 black card.
-Go right and click the foot of the table. Get the Libra ball. Zoom out and click 
 the bottom right corner of the room and note the writing.
-Right again and click the bottom of the trashcan can. Get the 1 black card.
-Click the lion statue and get the blue gem. Click the back foot and get the Leo ball.
-Click the warrior statue and get the red gem. Click inside his shoulder and get the 
 Virgo ball.
-Right again and click the left box on the shelf. Insert the blue gem and get the brown
 ball inside. Click the right box and insert the red gem. Get the dagger.
-Click the sphere-shaped machine in the middle. Open the panel and turn it ON.
-Go right again and click the couch. Use the dagger on the cushion and get the gold key.
-Right again and click the cylinder shaped machine. Put the brown ball in it, press the 
 button and then get the Cancer ball.
-Turn right (are you dizzy yet?) and turn off the lights.
-Notice the spot on the floor where the light is shining. Click it. Open the panel and 
 get the blue key.
-Zoom out and see the biggest star on the wall. Click it and open it using the gold key.
 Get the Sagittarius ball. Get the 3 black card from the inside of the open star panel.
-Turn the lights back on and go left (or right) twice. Use the blue key on the left gold
 box and get the Aquarius ball.
-You should now have 6 gold balls. Place them in their corresponding places and note the 
 Roman numerals on each. 
-See below on how to crack the code.
-Once you crack the code, enter it in the panel beside the door. Password is zodiac.
-Click the door and you’re out!

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