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  Hints and Tips for: Twists of My Life 
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 Twists of My Life Cheats

Twists of My Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get All Endings:
Written by westsouthrim

A guide to the 16-1 endings of Twists Of My Life. Most of these endings 
have multiple pass/fail requirements, I'll be focusing on basically the 
last thing to do that changed which ending you get.

The available walkthroughs I've seen are mostly good and derived from one 
by the Dev, but since they only aim for one end and often ignore influences 
from other routes, they sometimes don't mention route changing decisions. 
One critical flag for Ann is not mentioned, for example; you get paid at 
the end of your internship, but that money can only be used once. Use it 
on a trip to the bar (with the secret scene girls), and you will fail to 
have the date scene that completes her four paths. Still, I use that 
walkthrough as a baseline, and assume if you're looking at this, you're 
also willing to look at that walkthrough, and have played through the game 
enough to have some familiarity with the decision points.

Also note that Ending 3 does not exist and there are effectively 15 endings; 
1,2, and 16 are general bad ends, 4 and 13 are Irene, 5,6 and 7 are Helga 
Endings, 8 and 9 are Helena Endings, 10 is Alanna's Ending, and 11,12,14, 
and 15 are Ann Endings.

Oh, and this seems unnecessary, being an ending guide and all, but spoilers 

-=Ending 1=-
Bad End. Lots of ways to get it. One way is to not help Alanna on Day 21, 
start dating Helena, and it will fall apart. No long distance relationships 
in porn games!

-=Ending 2=-
Bad End. A bit twisty, but basically help Alanna on Day 21 and take every 
opportunity to advancec a relationship with Ann (including encouraging 
threesomes) and Olivia (requires blowjob rough choice on Day 13).

-=Ending 3=-
Not Encountered. Everything I can find indicates that a bug behind the 
scenes means this is a null entry, probably supposed to be what is instead 
13 (since 13 and 4 are both Irene ends).

-=Ending 4=-
Irene Okay End. follow Alanna path, take Irene's ride after you fail to 
resist Jane. Technically has more scenes, than the Good End but they're 
very minor.

-=Ending 5=-
Helga Bad End. Basically, take every opportunity to both advance your 
relationship with Alanna and Helga.

-=Ending 6=-
Helga Good End. Other end lists say that she isn't pregnant, but she very 
much was for me. Since there are no decisions after the choice of whether 
or not to ??? inside, if you get the good end without pregnancy, you can get 
it with pregnancy. Don't two time her, follow her route in the walthrough, 
and you should be good.

-=Ending 7=-
Helga Worst End. Similar to 5, take every opportunity to both advance your 
relationship with Ann and Helga.

-=Ending 8=-
Helena Good End. Follow her route, be a good lover after the massage.

-=Ending 9=-
Helena Bad End. Follow her route, demand a blowjob without giving cunnilingus 
after the massage.

-=Ending 10=-
Alanna End. Follow her route, don't get sidetracked by other femmes.

-=Ending 11=-
Maximum Emasculation Ann/Natalia Bad End. Agree to threesome at all steps but 
fail one of the three date flags, and it ends with Ann leaving you for Natalia, 
while they put you up in the second bedroom until you stop failing, 
you... failure.

-=Ending 12=-
Total Victory Ann/Natalia Good End. Agree to threesome at all steps, succeed 
at all date flags, and you're home free, with two pregnant woman that love 
you and each other.

-=Ending 13=-
Irene Good End. Follow Ana path, blow money on secret scene, and Irene will 
be the end when Ana checks out.

-=Ending 14=-
Ann Good End. You can follow Ann/Natalia threesome path until the final fork 
(and why wouldn't you?) then choose "Against relationship with Natalie". 
Succeed at date flags, and you build a life together.

-=Ending 15=-
Ann Bad End. Same as above, but fail one or more date flags, and you grow 

-=Ending 16=-
Full Loss Ending: End up with no one. Lots of ways to get it. One easy way is 
to do Ann's route but blow money on the secret scene girls on day 22 so 
you can't go on a date with Ann.

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