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  Hints and Tips for: Tyrian 2000 
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 Tyrian 2000 Cheats

Tyrian 2000

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu
to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                         Code 
Experimental PQZ ship        - techno  
TX Silvercloud ship          - unknown  
Stormwind The Elemental ship - stormwind  
Ninja Star ship              - stealth  
Foodship Nine ship           - weird  
Dragon ship                  - lizard  
Captured U-fighter           - enemy  
Pretzel Pete Truck ship      - pretzel  
Nort-Ship Z                  - nortshipz  
Destruct mini-game1          - destruct  
Super Tyrian mode on Lord of 
the Game difficulty          - engage 
Super Tyrian mode on Suicide 
difficulty                   - Hold [Scroll Lock] and type engage  

1. Press [F1] during the mini-game for the controls. 

Cheat mode (alternate):
Enter one of the following codes during game play to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. The message 
"Cheaters always prosper" will appear to confirm 
correct code entry. 

Effect                  Code
Toggle debug mode       [Backspace] + [F10]  
Toggle invincibility    [F2] + [F3] + [F6]  
Random colors           [Backspace] + [Minus]  
End level1              [F2] + [F6] + [F7]  
Full pause screen       [Backspace] + [Number Lock]  
Random background music [Backspace] + [Scroll Lock]  

1. Does not effect Super Arcade ships or during game 
play in Super Tyrian mode. 

Cheat mode (command line parameters):
Type file0001 followed by one of the following command line parameters
while in the game's directory to activate the corresponding cheat 

Parameter                   Effect
BORDER 		  - Network border mode (apparently useless)
CONSTANT            - Ship fires continuously while sweeping from 
                      side to side. Press C to toggle invincibility.
onstant 		  - death mode. Sip explodes when you enter a level
                      but eeps scrolling until the end.
FLICKER 		  - Force game not to wait for a retrace (enabled by
                      default if Windows is detected).
LOOT[Square symbol] - Start with 1 million credits. 
                      Note: Hold [Alt] and type [Numpad 254] 
			    to enter the [Square symbol] 		
MAXJOY 		  - Set joystick sensitivity to maximum.
NOJOY               - Disable joystick detection.
NOKEY 		  - Send keys to the BIOS in case some other device
                      driver needs input. 
			    Still uses the keyboard input driver however.
ULTRAMID 		  - Fixes problems with GUS MIDI
VOLUME 		  - Similar to MAXVOL
WEAKJOY             - Force game to average the signals coming from 
                      the joystick
YESMAS              - Enable Christmas mode in v2.01. A lot of the ships
                      and weapons have their graphics changed to a Christmas

Impossible difficulty setting:
Press [Shift] + G at the difficulty selection screen.

Suicide difficulty setting:
Enable the "Impossible difficulty setting" code, then press [Shift] + ]
at the difficulty selection screen.

Wild detail mode:
Run the Tyrian 2000 setup program. Highlight the "Game Detail" option 
and press W.

Christmas mode:
Open an MS-DOS window and change the current directory to the Tyrian 2000
game directory. Type file0001 yesxmas at the DOS prompt, then press Y when
prompted. This will change various items, weapons, ships, and sounds to a 
Christmas theme. 
Note: Christmas mode is date-sensitive and will only be remain active until
December 31, 1999.

More ships:
Press [Tab] + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 0 during game play to get different
ships. You can edit these ships by going to "Start/Programs/Tyrian2000", then
select "Ship edit". Choose "Ships", then edit them as desired. Activate the ship
by pressing [Tab] and whatever number ship you are doing for player one, and 
[Caps Lock] and whatever number ship you are doing for player two. In a game,
get this ship by pressing [Tab] and the corresponding number.

Lord Of The Game mode:
After enabling the impossible and suicide skill levels, hold [Scroll Lock] + L
+ O + R + D. 

Glitch: Incomplete Bosses:
Destroy some Bosses before they completely enter the screen (for example, with
Level 11 Laser, on the Tyrian Ep. 1 Boss). Their back half will appear without
the rest of the ship. 

Glitch: Gravity orb treasure:
On some of the asteroid levels, a "gravity orb" (small red and green orb that 
push you sideways) may slide in from the side. Fly directly over it , and it 
will act like a treasure and disappear, with a sound as if you just collected
a treasure. 

Hidden subgames:
Tyrian has too many hidden subgames to mention. Luckily, finishing each one 
gives you the password for the second. To access the first subgame (which is 
basically the same game, only with a "mutated" ship), go to the main menu and
type: TECHNO

Incomplete Bosses:
Destroy some Bosses before they completely enter the screen (for example, with Level 11 
Laser, on the Tyrian Ep. 1 Boss). Their back half will appear without the rest of the 

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