Tzar - Burden of the Crown Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tzar - Burden of the Crown 
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 Tzar - Burden of the Crown Cheats

Tzar - Burden of the Crown

Submitted by: Jack

Hit [ENTER] to bring up the dialog box, type cheat and press [ENTER] again to activate.

Code                           Result
hmnofog                      - removes the fog of war
hmreveal                     - reveals the map
hmspawn [class name]         - spawns an object of specified class
hmdvaleva                    - gives the player 10000 of each resource
hmpetleva                    - gives the player 50000 of each resource
hmbuildozer                  - toggles instant build
hmnotech                     - enables/shows all greyed/hidden 
                               technology buttons
hmkingdom [number]           - changes the kingdom of the selected 
hmnopop                      - sets population limit to 1000
hmgod                        - makes selected units invulnerable
hmtime [hour]                - sets the game time
hmhunt                       - kills all animals on map
hmusurp                      - player can command the selected units/
                               regardless of their owner
hmspy                        - player can see what the selected units 
                               [tech class] - discovers specified technology
hmprettypleasewithsugarontop - enables cheats in multiplayer game 
                               (all the players 
                               should enter it)
hmnext                       - opens next map when playing campaign
hmischeater                  - did the player cheat
hmcalc [expression]          - calculate the expression
hmresign                     - player resigns

by: Indra Permata Dinda
Hit [ENTER] to bring up the dialog box, type cheat and 
press [ENTER] again to activate.

Code                           Result 
hmnext                       - skip current level
HMGOD                        - God Mode for Currently Selected 
HMREVEAL                     - Show Entire Map 
HMNOFOG                      - Remove Fog of War 
HMPETLEVA                    - 50,000 for All Resources 
HMDVALEVA                    - 10,000 for All Resources 
HMTIMER                      - Shows Timer 
HMBUILDOZER                  - Fast Build 
HMUSURP                      - Lose Control of Main Buildings 
HMNOTECH                     - Buildings/Units Don't Depend on 
HMKINGDOM x                  - Selected Unit Becomes Part of 
                               Player x's Unit (1-9) 
HMSPAWN name                 - Spawns Any Unit From the Game 
Calculator1                  -  hmcalc *
Display map grid.            -  hmshowgrid
* Enter a number followed by an operator such as +, -, *, or / and another number 
to have the game calculate the result.

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