UEFA Euro 2008 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: UEFA Euro 2008 
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 UEFA Euro 2008 Cheats

UEFA Euro 2008

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Hwl82

When you shoot penalty kicks series shot like that: 

It is tempting to sprint at any given chance, but doing so causes your player
to lose responsiveness and makes his attacks more likely to break down. Instead,
try sprinting only when necessary and you will be able to wriggle past defenders
more easily.

Submitted by: RM

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable                  How to unlock
Break the hoodoo (10)      - Win a penalty shootout with England
                             (Any Difficulty/solo only)
76 Shootout (10)           - Like the Czechs in 1976, beat Germany in a penalty 
                             shootout (Any Difficulty/solo only)
Pole Winner (10)           - Play as Euzebiusz Smolarek of Poland vs Portugal 
                             and win (Any Difficulty/solo only)	
Hat-trick Healy (10)       - Score a hat-trick as David Healy of Northern Ireland 
                             vs Spain (Any Difficulty/solo only)	
Beat a champion (10)       - Beat any previous winner of Euro on Pro level or 
                             above (solo only)	
Conquer Europe (10)        - Beat all 16 countries that have qualified for UEFA EURO 
                             2008 (Any Difficulty/solo only)	
UEFA EURO 2004 Final (10)  - Beat Portugal with Greece on Semi-Pro Level or above 
                             (solo only)	
UEFA EURO 2000 Final (10)  - Beat Italy with France on Semi-Pro Level or above 
                             (solo only)	
UEFA EURO 1996 Final (10)  - Beat Czech Republic with Germany on Semi-Pro Level or 
                             above (solo only)	
UEFA EURO 1992 Final (10)  - Beat Germany with Denmark on Semi-Pro Level or above 
                             (solo only)	
Captain Your Country (10)  - Earn the captaincy in a full international in Captain 
                             Your Country mode (solo only)	
Inspirational Captain (45) - Qualify for UEFA EURO 2008 as captain of a country 
                             which has never qualified (solo only)	
Penalty taker (15)         - Score from a penalty in Captain Your Country (solo only)	
Free Kick taker (25)       - Score directly from a free-kick in Captain Your Country 
                             (solo only)	
Retain the Golden Boot(45) - Win the Golden Boot as 2004 winner Milan Baros in Captain 
                             Your Country (solo only)	
Leading the underdogs (10) - Captain and win a match with a 7th seeded country in 
                             Captain Your Country (solo only)

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