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  Hints and Tips for: Ultimate Custom Night 
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 Ultimate Custom Night Cheats

Ultimate Custom Night

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Cheat:
Written by AkPsycho

I made this guide since I didnt see this kind of guide done yet for this game, 
and with it, you can get infinite items and a HighScore of 10000, thus unlocking
every office aswell!

-=Editting the Game File=-
* Go here C:\Users\Home\AppData\Roaming\MMFApplications.
* Double click CN.
* Change the HS to whatever you want the highscore to be, and the i (number) 
  for the items.

Note: This might only work if you start a 50/20 mode, you dont have to beat it, 
but atleast start one.

Easy 2000 + Secret Intermission:
Select the following animatronics and donít do anything. Set them to 20 A.I.

* Helpy
* Trash and Gang
* All phantoms
* El Chip
* Phone Guy
* Old Man C.
* BB
* JJ

This also unlocks a secret intermission.

UCN Power Ups:
Written by Szwagier50

This guide will help you with all four powerups in UCN.

This power up starts you at 50 degrees rather than 60. This is useful against heat 
based animatronics like Freddy. This though makes rockstar freddy harder to malfuncion 
as it takes longer to increase the heat.

-=3 Coins
As the title suggests,this gives you 3 coins to start with,making faz-coin hungry 
characters easier to beat. This also gives you easier access to the plushies and 
death coin in the prize corner, used to repel animatronics (plush) and kill characters. 
(Death coin).

This gives you 2% extra power, which makes a power outage slightly less likely to 
occur (unless you do everything to Drain it). Stuff like the fan and doors rely on 
power,so this helps them.

-=DD Repel
This stops dd from appearing, meaning no characters can be summoned. 
Useful for challenges.

-=How to Get
So, after telling you about these you will want to know how you get these. 
Well its random after dying.

How to Easily Get 5000 Points:
Characters You Will Need


Toy Bonnie
Toy Chica
Withered Chica
Phantom Mangle
Phantom Freddy
Phantom BB
Nightmare Freddy
Trash Gang
Happy Frog
Mr. Hippo
Rockstar Freddy
Rockstar Foxy
El Chip
Funtime Chica
Molten Freddy
Phone Guy

Bonnie: Do not check Pirate Cove at all.

BB and JJ: If they appear, just shut the right vent until they leave.

Toy Chica and Bonnie: Just put the mask on when they appear.

Vent Crawlers: If you turn the fan off (When temp. reaches 100, turn on the fan until 
temp. gets to 60-70) and you use the power generator (1), you can just leave the front 
vent shut the entire night.

OMC: Using the camera is only mildly important, so you can ignore him, though we 
recommend still focusing on catching the fish.

H. Frog, Mr. Hippo, and Pigpatch: The audio lure will completely paralyze them if you 
put it over them. It should be fairly easy to get 2 of them caught in the lure at the 
same time, and then the 3rd one will either wander into it by accident or you will 
have to check occasionally to make sure that the entrance it is at is closed.

R. Foxy: Just ignore the bird.

R. Freddy: When he asks for 5 coins, turn the heater on (3), until he malfunctions. 
Then turn the power generator back on (1).

If you get a ventilation error, just check the camera and turn it off. You will likely 
have to check the ducts anyway so itís just another reason to check the ducts

The biggest problem with this strategy is Dee Dee, so we recommend getting some Dee 
Dee Repels before doing it.

The Road to 50/20 Mode:
Written by Hollamen

I'm gonna help you tackle this monster of a game, and help you get through it 
step by step.

-=Step 1: The Basics=-
The first step, is obviously to get used to the controls. Set up a game with 
a point value of 10, and just start learning the controls. Once you've mastered 
those, you'll be able to move on to the next step.

-=Step 2: Animatronics=-
The next step is going to be to learn what you're up against. In this case, it's 
all (50?) animatronics in the game. I would reccomend that you go through the roster
 1 by 1, adding all animatronics on 1 difficulty, until you've got 50/1 mode. 
This will help you get used to the animatronics and what they do, and you'll have 
completed 50/1 mode. That's one heck of a step in the right direction.

-=Step 3: Going for It=-
Now, what you want to do, is slowly crank animatronics up to 20 difficulty, but 
at first, you're only going to want to up the difficulty on animatronics that 
share a mechanic. What I mean by that, is that you should only crank up animatronics 
that are related to faz-tokens, or are in the vents, or rely on the music box, or 
whatever. That will help you become a master of that mechanic, and it will become 
second nature to defend against those animatronics when you turn up the difficulty 
on the other animatronics. Repeat the process with the other mechanic sharing 
animatronics, and you'll have beaten the legendary 10000 point value challenge 
in no time!

How to Get 2000 HS (High-Score) Easily:
Written by BabyYaya

Do you want to get that second office and cutscenes without slight difficulty? 
Well follow this guide, and you'll be on your way!

-=Characters, and Number Configs=-
These characters are all at twenty. This does seem difficult, but it will be 
easier as you discover more and more. The Chars (all at 20).

* Freddy Fazbear (FNaF1)
* Bonnie (FNaF1)
* Bonnie (FNaF2, Toy)
* Chica (FNaF2, Toy)
* Trash and Gang
* Helpy
* Foxy (FNaF6)
* El Chip
* Chica (FNaF6, Funtime)
* Phone Guy

The strategy is fairly simple. Read carefully, and follow it, and unlock that office!

* Check on Freddy, and when he arrives to your door, shut it with the A key.
* Never check pirate cove. This will get you hit by Bonnie. 
  There is no need to check it, as Foxy is not active.
* Put on the mask when your screen flickers/when you see one of the Toy Animatronics.
* Ignore the annoying animatronics. They will just get in the way.
* Optional: Mute the phone guy, also as click Helpy.
* Do not click the parrot so you do not have any risk.
* Good luck, and get that office!

The Fredbear Jumpscare Secret:
Written by Molten Freddy

Well, you read the title, you should know what this is! This is a small guide on how to 
easily get jumpscared by Fredbear!

First things first, open Ultimate Custom Night. After that, set Golden Freddy to a 
difficulty of 1, and the rest to 0. You can use powerups if you'd like, I don't beleive 
that this changes the outcome. Hit GO! 

Now when you start, I'd recommened putting on the power generator, as sometimes it takes 
Golden Freddy awhile to appear, I didn't see it until 3AM. Now you want to look for some 
Faz-Coins, and if you used the boost, it shouldn't take too long. Once you have 10, buy 
the death coin. Have your mouse on the death coin and be ready. Flip the camera up and 
down to summon Golden Freddy. (This could take a short time or a long time). When he 
appears, you should be prompted to use the death coin, click on the death coin. 

Now instead of the night going on, you should be greeted by a Golden like animatronic, 
highly resembling Fredbear. Once this happens, you get GAME OVER, with an odd voice. 
This does not unlock anything yet, or at the least nothing has been found to be unlocked. 
Congrats! You've been jumpscared by Fredbear!

Unlocking Offices Guide (How to):
Written by Tre2000

In this guide, I will show you how to unlock all of the offices in UCN pretty easily, 
and the setups to do so.

-=Misc. Tips for Every Night=-
Follow these tips/strategies during every night, and be familiar with all the animatronics, 
as the strategy for every one of them is NOT covered in this guide.

* Never click the parrot.
* Always flip up your mask after you flip down your camera, then wait until everything 
  is gone.
* Always try to catch Old Man Consequences and Phone Guy.
* Always shine your flashlight on the left side of the screen after you flip down your 
  camera, then wait until everything is gone (Watch out for Nightmare BB!).
* Always Run Power Generator throughout the night.
* Always run Heater when not using Power Generator.
* Always close ads (this is pretty obvious, but I thought I would say it anyways).
* Always reset vents when possible (again, this is pretty obvious, but 
  I thought I would say it anyways).
* Always click Helpy when visible.

-=Office 1=-
You don't even need to do anything here, this is the starting office you begin the game with.

-=Office 2=-
This office is extremely easy to get, you barely need to do anything. Use the following 
setup to begin your night.

For this night you don't really have to pay attention, just reset the vents whenever there 
is an error, and you'll be good to go!

-=Office 3=-
This office is a bit more difficult to get, but still not a challenge. Use the following 
setup to begin your night.

On this night, you will need to be more alert. Make sure to check the doors and vents when 
you flip down your camera, to ensure that no one is there. If an animatronic appears, shut 
the appropriate door and/or vent door. Make sure to listen for Ennard and Molten Freddy's 
audio cues, and shut the top vent door when you hear them. If Rockstar Freddy appears, 
use the heater (make sure the office doesn't overheat), or pay if you have enough coins. 
Follow the Night 2 strategy otherwise.

-=Office 4 (+Bronze Freddy Statue)=-
This office may be a challenge to unlock, but is possible none the less. Use the following 
setup to begin your night.

When you start this night, you will want to do some camera setup. First, go to "Ducts", 
and place an audio lure on the left/middle side of the ducts, where the ducts intersect 
(this will take care of Happy Frog, Mr. Hippo, Pigpatch, and Possibly Nedd Bear). Then, 
go to "Vents, and place a snare on the rightmost section (this will stop Withered Chica). 
Finally, go to "Cameras", then leave your camera on CAM 02 (this is called cam-stalling, 
and it will take care of all the plush animatronics). The camera setup is very important, 
so make sure you do it correctly, in that order.

For the rest of the night, make sure to check Nightmare BB, and listen for Ballora. Close 
your top vent door during a camera check, to make sure Mangle does not enter your office. 
If Mangle does enter your office however, it's not the end of the world. Occasionally run 
the Heater to take care of Orville and/or Nedd Bear. When Afton makes noise and flickers 
lights, close the side vent door on him. Scrap Baby is nothing to worry about, just shock 
her if you think she moved. Proceed with the night as normal and hope he/she does not kill 
you. Otherwise, follow the Night 3 strategy.

As an additional bonus for scoring 8000 points, you get the Bronze Freddy Statue on the 
main screen too!

All Offices Unlock Tips:
Written by Hhhard69

1.The sister location office.Is an easy one you need just 2k points. Just put funtime chica 
and disable visual effects cause its easier to see,el chip,trash and the gang,toy bonnie and
chica,bonnie,helpy,JJ,BB,rockstar foxy.put them all on 20.
2.The Fnaf 3 office. Is still easy not really hard you just need 5k.Put funtime chica,el chip,
trash and the gang,toy bonnie and chica,bonnie,helpy,JJ,BB,rockstar foxy,phantom freddy & BB a
nd mangle,withered bonnie,happy frog,mr hippo,pigpatch,ennard,molten freddy,phone guy,scrap 
baby,music man, nightmare,nightmare fredbear.put them all on 20.

3.Now this is a lot harder then the previous offices you need 8k for this office. Put funtime 
chica,el chip,trash and the gang,toy bonnie and chica,bonnie,helpy,JJ,BB,rockstar foxy,phantom
freddy BB and mangle,withered bonnie,happy frog,mr hippo,pigpatch,ennard,molten freddy,afton,
scrap baby,music man, nightmare,nightmare fredbear,nedd bear,freddy,withered chica,springtrap,
golden freddy,nightmare freddy & bonnie & BB and mangle,phone guy,OMC,circus baby,rockstar 
freddy & bonnie and chica,put them all on 20.

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