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  Hints and Tips for: Ultimate Spider-Man 
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 Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats

Ultimate Spider-Man

Submitted by: conner54

Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man:
Successfully complete 100 City Events, Get All Tokens and Finish All
Combat Tours.

Fight Shocker again:
You can see Shocker even after you have defeated him. Sometimes in a 
City Event, Shocker will appear and you must fight him. It will not be
a Boss battle, though -- just a fight against a street thug, who has 
some very powerful blasters. 
Note: He is also stronger than all street thugs.

Submitted by: vishal sinha

SPIDEY COSTUMES AND PEOPLE-for unloking all costumes in the game even for 
playing with diffrent charecters which they have unloked 

Arachnoman costume:
Complete 90 City Events, collect 90 Tokens, and complete 48 combat tours. 

Black costume:
Complete 100 City Events, collect all 100 Tokens, complete all combat tours, 
and finish all 60 races.

Parker Hoodie costume:
Complete 75 City Events, collect 75 Tokens, and complete 32 combat tours. 

Peter Parker costume:
Complete 50 City Events, collect 50 Tokens, and win the fourth race against 
Johnny Storm. 

Spidey Wrestling costume:
Complete 30 City Events and collect 30 Tokens. 

Venom races:
Complete all story mode missions. 

Switch Hero option:
Complete all story mode missions to unlock the "Switch Hero" option on the 
pause menu. 

Medium city event difficulty:
Complete 10 city events and "Inexpugnable" (Chapter 6). 

Hard city event difficulty:
Complete 20 city events and "Class Trip" (Chapter 8). 

Medium combat tour difficulty:
Complete 8 easy combat tours after "Hell of a Mess" (Chapter 4). 

Hard combat tour difficulty:
Complete 12 medium difficulty combat tours. 

Insane combat tour difficulty:
Complete all hard difficulty combat tours. 

Defeating Wolverine:
As Venom, keep on pressing [Tentacle].

Fight Shocker again:
You can see Shocker even after you have defeated him. Sometimes in a City Event,
Shocker will appear and you must fight him. It will not be a Boss battle, though
-- just a fight against a street thug, who has some very powerful blasters. 
Note: He is also stronger than all street thugs.

See Boomerang:
Boomerang can also appear in a City Event. 

Arachnoman billboard:
When you are near the Empire State Building, you will see a billboard that shows
Note: This is one of the costumes that you can get.

In the first level available as Venom, when you feed on the kid and his balloon 
goes in the air, try to catch it. If you do, Venom will grab it and run around 
with it. 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference:
Toward the beginning of the game where Spider-Man has to go to school (and just 
before the race with the Human Torch) wander around the city and explore. 
Spider-Man will make comments like, "I need to get to class" and "I really have
to get to school." One comment is something along the lines of, "I cant miss 
anymore class. I've been absent nine times... nine... times." This is in reference
to a scene from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off in which the principal is 
taking note of the main character's habit of skipping class. 

Comic book reference:
At the Midtown High School by Peter's house, go to the front of the school where
the flag is. In front of you will be some stairs. Look at the back of the right 
stair rail and there will be two words written in red "GELDOFF RULES!". This is
a reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Issue 27 and 28 when there is a 
mutant named Geldoff at the school who is a student. He nearly destroys 
everything but Spider-Man stops him. Also, at the same time all the other 
students are chanting "Geldoff rules!"

Submitted by: Real

Type 'spideyrules' in the pause menu and resume the game and you will see
spider-man is wearing a symbiote custume.

Defeat Electro:
Submitted by: Prabhash

Defeating Electro is somewhat little bit difficult.So here are some tips to 
defeat him.

1.Stand near Spiderman so he can't harm spider man.

2.When he become ultimate throw cars on him.When he comes on ground beat him 
  with your moves.

3.Destroy all the advertisements and the electrical shop names otherwise he 
  will regain his health.

4.When you will beat him with car he will come on ground,he will be in human
  form so use this time to beat him only.

5.To dodge his big and round electric attack just go on top of any roof.

By using this tips you can easily defeat Electro.Please Reply.

Defeating Rhino:
Submitted by: Domi Baruah

Jump on his pack and punch him and jump quickly after he falls. He will charge 
towards you. make him punch at the cemented area and he will be stuck there and 
then hit the crace. The n he will run away . Chase him and jump on his back and 
punch and avoid his attacks. That's all

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