Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle 
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 Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle Cheats

Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle

Cheat Codes:
Cheat is the same as Ultima 7.  Start game, however, with 

If you have the Silver Seed type 

To see the end-game animation, type ENDGAME hisss jive 


Important : Not all functions work in both parts of the game.

To activate the cheat mode, startup game with
serpent pass[Enter]
(Make sure to use lower case!)

The enables the following keys during the game :
  [F1]        Cheat Help !
  [F2]        Cheat menu
  [F3]        Teleport map
  [F4]        Single step modus
  [F5]        Cast spell (by number)
  [F6]        Swordfighting cheat
  [F7]        Traces
  [F8]        Read all books and signs
  [F9]        Target report
  [F10]       Path find test (You know !)
  [Alt]+[1]   Sound-Fx
  [Alt]+[2]   Show animation counter
  [Alt]+[3]   Show animations
  [Alt]+[4]   Drop Items
  [Alt]+[5]   Hear sounds (some versions)
  [Alt]+[6]   Select background music
  [Alt]+[7]   ???
  [Alt]+[8]   Frame limiting toggle

In the cheat menu, there several options regarding NPCs :
  [B] Locate NPC
  [D] Freeze all NPCs except the one selected
  [N] Show NPC numbers
  [T] Teleport
  [P] Make Avatar immortal
  [S] Set time (use military notation i.e. 24h clock)
  [F] Use standard party : Avatar, Dupre, Shamino, Iolo and Andrio
  [L] Show location (hex coordinates) of Avatar
  [I] Inspect NPs
  [M] Modify NPC
  [N] Change NPC status in sub-menu (Y sets attribute, N clears it)
  [E] Toggle "poisoned"-status
  [I] Force NPC to join the party
  [J] Toggle "invisibility"-status
  [K] Allow NPC to fly
  [M] Allow NPC to swim
  [N] Allow NPC to pass thru walls and doors
  [Y] Set NPC temperature
  [~] Set NPC training points
  [E] Set NPC experience (level)
  [S] Show and edit attributes (Int,Dex,Str,MP,Foodlevel,..)
  [C] Create item on the floor before Avatar
      The item number can be found in the list below. 
      "Frame?" should be 0 and "Quality?" 1. 
      "Quantity?" is what ever you want.

         Item number list        
   231    Sword Magebane        
   383    Magic Helmet          
   490    Dupre's Shield        
   535    Dragonslayer Sword    
   547    Magic Sword           
   552    Magic Axe             
   553    Firedoom staff        
   554    Burst Arrow           
   557    Juggernaut Hammer     
   564    Poison Dagger         
   567    Sword of Defense      
   568    Sleep Arrow           
   569    Leather Armour        
   570    Scale Armour          
   571    Chain Armour          
   573    Plate Armour          
   574    Leater Leggings       
   575    Chain Leggings        
   576    Plate Leggings        
   578    Spiked Shield         
   580    Gauntlets             
   583    Bedroll               
   595    Torch                 
   598    Crossbow              
   599    Sword                 
   602    Two-handed Sword      
   603    Halberd               
   604    Glass Sword           
   627    Lockpick              
   629    Lightning Wand        
   630    Fire Wand             
   644    Gold Coin             
   645    Gold Nugget           
   648    Sleeping Powder       
   663    Magic Shield          
   666    Magic Armour          
   715    Magic Scroll          
   723    Bolt for Crossbow     
   760    Gem                   
   835    Magic Gauntlets       

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