Unavowed - Case 3 - Staten Island Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Unavowed - Case 3 - Staten Island 
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 Unavowed - Case 3 - Staten Island Cheats

Unavowed - Case 3 - Staten Island

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Case 3 – Staten Island Walkthrough:
* After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back
* Choose “St George Terminal (Staten Island)”
* Walk towards the left
* Follow Vicky several times until you are at the Pier where you have another vision
* Go back to Vinny’s Bar and talk to Vinny
* Head over to the police station and talk to the officer at the bus station
* Return to Vinny and talk about Vicky living in his basement

Puzzle: Enter Vicky’s room:
* Return to the memorial and talk to the female police officer to learn about the BBQ
* Return to the bus station and talk to Donny Santino about the BBQ
* Enter the police station and talk to Captain Harrison about what happened at the BBQ
* Head outside to the pier and have Eli fire read the burnt invitations
* Remember the date since it seems to be randomized.
* Enter the alley behind the bar
* The code for the door is Vicky’s parent’s anniversary. 
  Enter it like this: MMDD (May 25th would be 0525)

* Enter the alley and have Logan talk to the ghost
* Return to The police station and ask Captain Harrison about the alley
* Return to the ghost in the alley and have Logan talk to her again
* Choose: “Marlene”
* Talk to her about everything else until Logan and KayKay help her move on
* Check under the cinderblock to find the key to Vicky’s room
* Use the key to unlock the door
* Enter Vicky’s room
* Grab the butter knife
* Look at the wall on the far right. The one with “You are not crazy!” written on it.
* Use the knife on the tough old brick (just underneath the word “crazy”)
* Take the keycard
* After talking to Vicky outside head over to the J&M Storage
* Inside, use the keycard on the card reader next to the middle door and enter

Puzzle: Escape the storage unit:
* Use the butter knife to unscrew the cover of the maintenance panel
* Look at the maintenance panel
* Switch the cables going to “Sprinkler” and “Door open”
* Leave the closeup
* Have Eli use his fire magic on the sprinklers to open the door

-=Logan and Mandana=-
* Have Mandana pry open the ventilation shaft
* Have Logan help her remove the cover
* Have Mandana climb into the ventilation shaft
* Switch one of your characters out for Vicky (Note that you will always leave Logan 
  behind so you will have either Eli or Mandana with you)

Puzzle: Defeat the General:
* Look at the console at the front of the boat
* Open the panel to the right and take the gas canister
* Exit the closeup
* Throw the canister at the General
* Have Eli throw a fireball at the General

* Look at the console at the front of the boat
* Push the button to raise/lower the flag
* Have Mandana climb atop the flagpole
* Look at the console at the front of the boat
* Move the leaver to “full stop”
* Choose between having the General leave with Harrison, killing the General and just 
  leeting the General leave

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