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  Hints and Tips for: Unending Dusk 
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 Unending Dusk Cheats

Unending Dusk

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks

* Energy generates more Plasma Damage. 
  The damage can be reduced with Plasma Resist.

* Power generates more Physical Damage. The damage can be reduced with 
  Physical Resist.

* Some enemy attacks are unblockable. Orange attacks deal Physical Damage. 
  Teal attacks deal Plasma Damage.

* Changing selected Tech costs credits. Each tier costs a different amount.

* Blocking can be a great way to avoid damage. Players can hold block 

* Charged heavy attacks can be charged to 2 levels. Charging too long will 
  reduce the charge back to level 1.

* Blue attacks typically are Energy based. 
  These attacks are reduced by Plasma Resistance.

* Red attacks typically are Power based. 
  These attacks are reduced by Physical Resistance.

* Yellow attacks typically are Holy based. 
  These attacks ignore all resistances.

* Keystones of the same type do not stack and cannot be equipped at the same 

* Some enemies are “tanks”. They do not get launched into the air.

* COOP Players do not share rewards. Every player gets their own rewards duplicated from total.

* Players who join a mission in progression or are looking to revive have to pay a fee.

* Reviving takes currency from the total that is generated from the current mission.

* Damage Reduction caps at 75%. This is not shown in the UI because it can be gained from 
  inconsistent sources.

* Holding down the heavy attack button charges it for more damage on release, but there’s 
  a limit and timing matters.

* Press the block button in the Store to sell a Mod. You will receive 50% of the cost.

* Nightmare levels lower your resistances by 25%. Yes, they can go negative.

* Hell levels lower your resistances by 75%.

* Player inventories are capped at 200 Mods. Mods gained after 200 will not be accounted for.

* Contracts are completed when equipped. Once finished, they provide random bounty loot.

* Equipped contracts and cosmetics do not count toward the player’s Capacity.

* Damage is increased when air juggling enemies. This is indicated by orange floating 
  combat text.

* Currency is shared between all of your characters.

* COOP makes enemies stronger by 30% per additional player.

* Equipped Contracts for the correct level are consumed on entry. 
  This means your bounty is lost if you return to the hideout or fail.

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