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  Hints and Tips for: Valkyria Chronicles 4 
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 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Cheats

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Squad Stories & How They Work:
Written by Rhomeo

A collection of the different Squad Stories, as well as a brief explanation on 
how to unlock them.

-=How Do Squad Stories Appear?=-
Despite how it might initially seem, you do not need to use all the Squad members 
involved in a story in order to unlock it. Both a friend and myself have confirmed 
that using any of the characters in a story repeatedly will eventually trigger it
 regardless of usage of the others. I haven't confirmed if you need the others to 
be in your active line-up yet, but I assume that isn't necessary.

Unlocking a story seems to be similar to how it worked in Valkyria Chronicles 2, 
in that you have to use a certain number of turns/complete a certain number of 
arbitrary tasks with any of the characters involved with the Squad Story to unlock 
it. The actual number of turns you have to take, units you have to kill, bases you 
have to capture etc. are something I don't know, but if anyone knows feel free to 
hit me up.

Now, let's move onto the actually important stuff. Not much to say beyond the 
basics, but I'll fill it out if more info becomes available. Ideally I would like 
to also state the earliest you can set off these stories (as you obviously need all 
members to trigger them) but that's a secondary priority.

-=List of Squad Stories=-
A Chivalrous Heart - Earliest Available: Final Chapter
Christel, Minerva

A Mathematician's Love (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Aoife, Hanna, Jascha

A Prayer for the Broken - Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Godwin, Nico, Rosetta

All the Single Ladies - Earliest Available: Chapter 6
Brittany, Millennia, Rita

Bad Luck, Good Luck (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter 5
Jimmy, Lily, Odin

Different/Identical (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Gertrude (Special), Vancey, Zaiga

Easy Platoon's Problem Child (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Emmy, Simon (Special), Viola

Girl in the Iron Mask - Earliest Available: Chapter 4
Ferrier, Jean, Stanley

Honor, Pride and Regret - Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Fleuret, Mabel (Special), Rebecca

Like Old Times - Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Curtis, Eileen (Special), Laurent

Strive for Freedom (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Azusa, Norid, Scott

Reluctant Solitude - Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Louffe, Stahlschrott

The Debtor's Calamity (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Connor, Jester, Teresa

The Navy's Spirit (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter ?
Andre, Brian, Sergio

The Price of Skill - Earliest Available: Chapter 8
Aladdin, Leonhardt, Neige

The Pride of Fox Platoon (Translated poorly; likely called something else) - 
Earliest Available: Chapter 8
Keigel, Ronald, Ryan

Treading New Ground - Earliest Available: Chapter 4
Aulard, Dan

-=Special Recruits=-
As special recruits squad stories come up, I'll fill out how to unlock them here.

Eileen (Engineer): Allow Curtis to go into a Critical state during a mission and 
                   then rescue him. 
Gertrude (Lancer): Have 1,000,000 dct in your wallet in total, not cumulatively. 
Mabel (Sniper): Complete 3 Squad Stories. 
Simon (Shocktrooper): Get 250 kills in combat overall.
Tags:   Valkyria Chronicles 4, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Swit
Written by Rhomeo

Where do I find my savegames?:

(You need to replace USERNAME by your actual user name in Windows)

The Post-Game Cenotaph Feature:
Written by DangoStep

This guide will inform you about the Cenotaph feature unlocked post-game, 
as well as some secrets regarding it!

So What is the Cenotaph Feature?

The Cenotaph feature is an option you can enter in Headquarters after you finish 
the game. Here, you can spend DCT to bring back allies from the dead. So in a sense, 
the permadeath system in this game is not a true-permadeath. 

Honestly I haven't reached a 'cap' for how much DCT it costs to bring an ally back 
to life. All I know is that the more an ally dies, the more you must spend. Let's take 
of our squaddies and not find out how much that cap is, yes?

Or if you have a character you hate and use them to charge to the frontlines only for 
them to die 'permanently' well at least if you change your mind, you can bring 'em back.

A noteable character you can bring back is Minerva's second-in-command, Christel and 
even Raz! 

Other than the increased DCT cost, there is no penalty for bringing squaddies back 
from the dead.

Wait. I Can Bring Back Raz and the Person that Accompanied Him?!

Yes you can. Initially however, you can only bring back the person that accompanied him. 
You must fulfill a requirement before you can bring back Raz.

First, you must clear three hard skirmishes. If you tried unlocking Stahlschrott, which 
is by finishing one of the Hard Skirmishes, then you just need to do two more, which are 
on the same page as the skirmish required to unlock Stahlchrott.

Once you beat three hard skirmishes, you should get a prompt that says you unlocked an 
episode. This episode is "Smells Like Dad" found in Chapter 13. Simply watch the episode 
and you'll also get a prompt that Raz's name is on the Cenotaph, which means you can 
spend DCT to bring him back.

Don't worry. He's back with you for good, and so are the other characters you 
bring back.

Written by Hop2it

Lv.02 Evade Boost 
Lv.10 All Evade Boost 
Lv.16 Concentrate Fire 

Lv.04 Attack Boost 
Lv.12 All Attack Boost
Lv.17 Neutralize

Lv.06 Demolition Boost
Lv.11 All Demolition Boost 
Lv.19 Blast Resistance

Lv.03 Healing Request 
Lv.08 Emergency Repair 
Lv.15 All Units Resupple 

Lv.05 Aim Boost
Lv.14 All Aim Boost
Lv.18 Penetration

Lv.07 Explosive Boost
Lv.12 All Units Defend
Lv.17 Blast Boost

-=Mess Hall=-
5,000 Medic Request
4,500 First Aid
6,000 Fortify Armor
10,000 Healing Boost
12,000 Antidote
15,000 Rapid Deployment
18,000 Inspiration
20,000 Fortify Treads
21,000 Resupply
23,000 Fortify All Armor
25,000 Attack Weak Spot

-=Ship Orders=-
Rescue Squad
Emergency Fix

Start With
Defense Boost
Direct Command

* Charging Through the Flames
* Mortar Support
* Partnered Blitz
* Recall
* Demolition Boost
* Target Weak Spot
* All Units Defend
* All Units Attack

Reviving dead characters:
Successfully complete the main campaign to unlock the "Cenotaph" option in the HQ. 
This allows you to use DCT to revive lost characters. Characters only need to be 
revived if they have been hit with permadeath, which only occurs if a character is 
put into a critical state and not rescued. The Cenotaph can revive permadeath 
characters multiple times, but the DCT price increases for each death. There does 
not appear to be any limit on the amount of times a character can be killed and 
revived. Even plot-important characters can be revived, including Christel and Raz. 
However, reviving Raz has a special requirement. To revive Raz, complete the 
"Beneath The Frost" Hard skirmish to unlock the "Smells Like Dad" episode. 
Watch that episode in Chapter 13 to unlock the ability to revive Raz and his 

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