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  Hints and Tips for: Void Bastards 
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 Void Bastards Cheats

Void Bastards

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Traitslist and How to Edit Them:
Follow these simple steps;

Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\BlueManchu
Its a XML file so any texteditor will open it just fine.
You need to look for this:


(Searching for “Character” will find it easymode)

As you can see there is an arrayitem called “traits”. It looks like this:


You can have three of those, seperated by a colon. 
The example above has two traits.

“tag” is the trait ID. You can change it to any from the list below.

“alignment” is the ingame coloring – 1 is good and 3 is bad. 
That means you can have the trait “butterfingers” but display it as a good trait. 

0 Lower HP
1 Extra HP
2 Slow Runner
3 Fast Runner
4 Poor Aim
5 Excellent Aim
6 Short
7 Tall
8 No running noise
9 Tunnel vision
10 quick reload
11 slow oxy use
12 enemies on minimap
13 fast door lock
14 autopickup loose items nearby
15 Chance to Crit
16 cant be seen through windows
17 long arms
18 yells when picking up items
19 nearby tourist wont detonate
20 25% chance to not consume food when moving
21 auth in 1/2 the time
22 25% more from recycling junk or parts
23 thrown explosives explode rapidly
24 5% of civs drop food on kill
25 25% of the time s.t.e.v moves to the wrong location
26 doors close automaticly
27 consume oxy more quickly
28 50% of the time rest an extra day
29 20% of the time consome 1 additional food when resting or moving
30 colorblind
31 random coughing
32 calls everyone by their first name
33 calls everyone by their last name
34 gets the feeling that combat has started
35 hears voices
36 10% of reloads fail and the clip is dropped
37 damaged by radiation at half the normal rate
38 when possible takes a fourth random weapon on the vessel
39 25% of the time start with full layout map
40 slower turret and cam detection
41 see loose items on the map
42 80% of the time when out of ammo scounge a clip from “somewhere”
43 pirates take 2x the time to fix your location on board
44 wont trigger explosives dropped by scribes
45 gunpoints and peepers are shown on layout map
46 show hazard leaks on layout map
47 show food on map
48 can fly around nuc mines
49 10% chance of pirates not to persue when you move
50 25% at krell mart
51 detect power outage before entering vessel
52 see hidden starmap routes
53 leave vessels from any airlock
54 always get good stuff from spin and win
55 break rooms always have a biscuit
56 nearby doors open and lock automaticly
57 cant be knocked back and uneffected by lube
58 receive 1 merit for every 1% of hp lost
59 quicker turret and cam detection
60 one citizen type is not identified on vessels
61 sometimes drop junk being carried
62 always get junk from lucky dips
63 gunpoints always active even in krell marts
64 half the time takes the wrong weapon
65 damaged by radiation at twice the normal rate
66 cant see enemy health

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