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  Hints and Tips for: War Tech Fighters 
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 War Tech Fighters Cheats

War Tech Fighters

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hacking Terminals:
Written by Manliogreco.

A detailed explanation of how hacking terminals works in War Tech Fighters

In this guide you'll learn how to hack terminals in War Tech Fighters.
Thou the process is slightly different wether you use mouse+keyboard 
or a controller, the basics are pretty the same.

You see 4 yellow moving bars raising and falling without an apparent reason.

-=Mouse+Keyboard users=-
Using A and D (or whatever you remapped to the [Left] and [Right] commands) 
and the Left mouse button and the Right mouse button you rotate the decoding 
interfaces (those keys/buttons must be hold to see the interfaces rotating).

-=Controller users=-
* Using the left and right analog sticks you rotate the decoding interfaces.
* The decoding interfaces work like the tuning knobs of a radio. 
* Your goal is to find the correct rotation for both of them.
* Among the moving bars, there are 2 of them you have to keep an eye on. 
* The first and the third.

When you're roughly close to the correct rotation of one interface you see 
those bars growing and becoming blue.

If you refine your rotation and get closer to the solution the other bar 
to the right grows and becomes blue as well.

This works separately with the left and the right interface. 
The Left interface influences the FIRST and SECOND bars, the Right one 
influences the THIRD and FOURTH ones.

-=Note for game controller users=-
If you're using a controller to play the game it will vibrate as you get 
glose to the solution with separate vibrations for the left and the right 
interfaces. Vibration is a good feedback to understand if you're close to 
the solution.

When you find the correct rotations for both the interfaces all the bars 
becomes blue and the code is hacked.

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