WarBears Mission 1 - The Bank Robbery Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: WarBears Mission 1 - The Bank Robbery 
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 WarBears Mission 1 - The Bank Robbery Cheats

WarBears Mission 1 - The Bank Robbery

Submitted by: RM

1.Choose agent Lucas, press the arrow button to make him jump on 
  the car (or something) and take the spear (or something :D), then 
  press the aroow button to make him jump off the truck. Then, press 
  the spear button to make him put the spear on the wall (is my 
  vocabulary right? Cause I'm Vietnam), then press the arrow button 
  to make Lucas jump on the spear. Then, choose Kla, press the arrow 
  button, she will jump on Lucas head and go to the bathroom.
2.Choose Ryoh, press the sword to fight with these sodiers, and turn
  on the aerial (in the box).
3.Choose Kla, press the electric button to make her charge her computer. 
  Then, play the memory game and hack the house. Turn off the camera, the 
  venting system and turn on the elevator. Then, press the water button 
  several times to make the plumber broke (make sure don't close the door 
  or she die).
4.Choose Ryoh, go to the aerial and press the sword to cut it, (it make 
  the Bank sign down) and cut it AFTER KLA HACK THE HOUSE or she can't go 
  into the house because the camera. And don't forget cut it after Kla hack
  the venting system cause if Ryoh cut the aerial, the ball go to the big 
  computer room and kill the people.
5.This is the quick time, choose Lucas then make him throw the generate by 
  click it, the click the arrow to make him jump on the truck and quickly 
  click the curved arrow to make him jump to the roof.
6.Choose Kla, click on the door button twice to get out. Then, click on the 
  button down the window to shut, then shut the door. Go to the computer and 
  hack the house again, play the memory games and turn on the venting system.
7.Choose Lucas, click the bomb to make him throw the smoke bomb into the room 
  to make the sodier open the window, choose Ryoh, click on the arrow to make 
  him go to the window.
8.Choose Kla, go upstair then go to the window to open it then go to the  
  telephone to order a pizza and wait for a while, and you know what, STEVE 
9.Choose Steve, climb up the tree then shoot the sodier, Ryoh will go to the 
  other floor and fight the sodier, then save the people. Choose Steve again,
  shoot the window to unlock the door.
10.Choose Kla, go downstair then open the door, then, make her print a paper. 
   Go upstair, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE OPEN THE WINDOW, throw the paper to the door
   then go downstair quickly, the sodier read the paper, he will open the door
   and fall off the window. Then, open the door next to the elevator.
11.Choose Ryoh, go straight, he'll see a spider and scared then he go back. 
   Click the down arrow, he will go off the house and go past the spider.
12.Choose Steve, climb down, but the pizza guy come, he take the pizza and 
   dilivery to the sodiers, then choose Steve, shoot the sodiers and free 
   the girls.
13.Choose Kla, go up (by elevator), then choose Ryoh and go up and free the 
   people. Then, go to the locker and turn on the power. Choose Kla to see 
   the computer.
14.The elevator will open then choose Lucas to go down. Then, go to the 
   bathroom and jump down. Unlock the code by playing the pipe game, first 
   pipe go down, secong pipe go to left, and the third pipe go right. When 
   the game is done, the underground elevator will open and freeze the sodiers.
15.Choose Lucas to drive the car, then, choose Lucas to drive the car. Then, 
   the sodiers going away.
16.Click the handle to speed up, use the brake to brake. Don't forget Steve, 
   shoot three sodiers then the master, shoot him, then, shoot the machine and 
   go up, choose Steve to stop the machine. If you being hit by spikes, your 
   motobike will slow down. Then, watch the end film.

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