WarBreeds Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: WarBreeds 
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 WarBreeds Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Enable the [Caps Lock] key, then hold [Ctrl] and type

Then, disable [Caps Lock], press [F9], and enter one of 
the following case-sensitive codes:  

Code                   Effect
set none             - Lets you see the entire map
cgk max              - Puts your CGK level to maximum
crop pop             - All croplands on the map receive pods
crop kill            - Kills all pods on the entire map
egg boy returns      - Causes an earthquake
kill                 - Kills currently selected thing
minimap on/off       - Toggles the minimap on and off, butonly if you 
                       have at least one working listener.
bind   - Re-map key to cheat
                       (For example, bind k kill would execute the kill 
                        cheat when k is pressed) 

Object names (descriptions):
- refinery (friendly Refinery)
- gene lab (friendly Gene Lab)
- adv gene lab (friendly Advanced Gene Lab)
- psi (Psi Tower)
- adv psi (friendly Advanced Psi Tower)
- listener (friendly Listener) 
- warp (friendly Warp Device)
- summoner (friendly Summoner)
- relay (friendly Relay Tower)
- adv relay (friendly Advanced Relay Tower)
- healer (friendly Healer)
- turret (friendly Turret)
- adv turret (friendly Plasma Cannon)
- electric (friendly Electric Tower)
- collector (friendly Gene Collector) 
- mine (friendly Mine)
- pod (Energy Pod)
- spore (Energy Spore) 
- weed (Weed Pod)
- t1 (friendly Tanu Shaman)
- t2 (friendly Tanu Scout)
- t3 (friendly Tanu Raptor)
- t4 (friendly Tanu Ophidian)
- t5 (friendly Tanu Jubjub)
- k1 (friendly Kelika Shaman)
- k2 (friendly Kelika Thumper)
- k3 (friendly Kelika Mongrel)
- k4 (friendly Kelika Behemoth)
- k5 (friendly Kelika Leviathan)
- s1 (friendly Sen-Soth Shaman)
- s2 (friendly Sen-Soth Snipe)
- s3 (friendly Sen-Soth Myrmidon)
- s4 (friendly Sen-Soth Dhuganaya)
- s5 (friendly Sen-Soth Aphid) 
- m1 (friendly Magha Shaman) 
- m2 (friendly Magha Shadow)
- m3 (friendly Magha Dervish)
- m4 (friendly Magha Reaver)
- m5 (friendly Magha Viper)
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