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  Hints and Tips for: Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight 
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 Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight Cheats

Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

What Planes to Get and How to Get Them (Gold Glitch):
Written by Wailmer

This is a few things I have noticed while playing the game, and thus, enjoy.

After a few hours of gameplay, I have noticed a few things that had sped up 
my progress. This is not a full guide but rather just a note.

Despite the fact that I only have less than an hour of gameplay (as of current 
writting) I already have unlocked every plane that could be purchased using 
in-game currency without spending a single cent.

In this tutorial, I shall tell you exactly how to achieve such a feat and turn 
the game from a grinding-simulator to a sandbox fighter plane simulator.

-=The Planes and Countries to Start=-
Now there are only five countries for you to choose from. If you are an absolute 
beginner and planned on making in-game progress much much more easier then do 
follow my advice.

Firstly, it is of your best interest that you fly solo at most of the sorties 
(missions). Not only will you minimize your losses (should a plane be heavily 
damaged) but you will also be granted a bonus if you managed to leave with 
minimal damage.

To do this, I heavily recommended that you invest more in fighter planes that 
can carry bombs than bombers themselves as most missions require you to have an 
agile plane to bring down other bombers who mostly have machine guns in their 

Currently, the are two nations that is suited for such tactics. 
Germany and America. I will give more detail to it here.

The best fighter/all-rounder for this kind of tactic in America is the 
[P51 Mustang].

Load it up with the 10 rockets [or 6 rockets and 2 100lbs bombs] and you are 
set for all four types of missions (Defense, Offense, Anti-ship and premium mode).

I had been playing the Mustang for every single one of my campaigns and so far, 
It has yet to fail me. Its machine gun is capable of bringing down any of the 
other fighters while the rocket and bombs will do against more heavier (ship, 
buildings and vehicles) targets. Though I suggest using your machine gun on 
lighter vehicles.

Note, this plane however does not turn your game into a point and click adventure 
game and it still require you some level of evasion, but as long as you are good 
at your mouse, you are set.

The best fighter for the Lufft would be the [ME 262].

There is only one loadout for it really and it is the best. With 24 rockets any 
ship or heavier targets will easily fall. Coupled with 3 20mm guns it can deal 
with any adversary easily.

Though its 20mm guns do have a limit to how much ammo it can carry. As long as 
you are good at ammo conservation, you will go through. Rockets are best used 
against ships and other ground targets, though I suggest trying to evade as 
soon as possible as it and all other planes are not good target practice, 
especially for flak guns.

The ME is the first jet fighter in the world and thus it is quite fast and 
maneuverable compared to other airplanes of its time, though it is very very 
expensive as you may need to fully upgrade the fighter to ensure survivability.

Now, the other countries (Japanese, Russians and British) do have their moments, 
but not as good as the two above.

Here are some airplanes that could help you if you pick the other nations.

-=Great Britain=-
Their Typhoon and Tempest are the only note-worthy planes.

If you wanted a more faster plane then the [Hawker Tempest MkV] then the 
Typhoon is for you.

Its only downside to the Typhoon is the 20mm cannon's lower ammunition count 
(only 150 at start) as well as a minus 7 pounds in bomb capacity. But its speed 
(being 36kmh faster) and with a 20 degrees higher climb angle makes up for it.

The [Hawker Typhoon MK lb] on the other hand has more cannon ammunition 
(200 at start) but lesser in every other aspect.

-=United Socialist of Soviet Russia=-
The Ilyushin 10 ll-10 (beast) is the only thing of note.

With a more powerfull cannon (23mm) and bombs, it can multitask.

-=The Japanese=-
They don't have any plane that can multi task properly so if you plan on 
campaigning with this country, then you best find another strategy to play.

-=How to Obtain Gold=-
But you may be wondering. The airplanes I have mentioned might be really 
expensive and might take you some hours of grinding to obtain. Well, if you 
have read other guides you will have noticed a few ways to obtain gold.

-=The normal way is through=-
Premium Missions/Daily Reward (plus 2 gold every other mission you obtain so 
you best not claim it immediately)/Daily Missions/Achievements.

But sometimes, the life of a law-abiding citizen does not pay well at first, 
which is why I shall teach you of a trick that will allow you to obtain as 
much gold as you want, without spending much time.

-=Gold Glitch=-
Note, I have yet to try this on the solo mode, only with the base management 
mode (the one where you can have bases and build a fleet of planes).

As you can see from above, it is in fact, a gold glitch that is still working. 
To do this, simply follow my guide.

First, pick a nation that you have yet to play with (In my case, Japan).

The first thing you will notice is the tutorial, skip it. To skip the tutorial 
simply press [ESC] button and click on [Skip Tutorial] at the leftern side of 
the menu.

Once that is finished, you will see that you are provided with 110 gold, which 
is part of your beginners resources. The first thing you do is that you open-up 
the Swiss Bank pop-up by clicking on your resource bar. There, on the left side, 
you will have noticed the option of sending your gold into your other countries.

You see, that feature is actually very broken. So, you simply send in your gold
reserves to the Swiss, they will only charge you with 10% of the gold (in-game) 
per transaction and not your real money so do not be scared of making deals 
with them.

Note, to send gold to the Swiss, click on the arrows to the pop-up. The top 
two will send gold to the Swiss [10 and 100] while the bottom two will send Gold 
back to you from you account [10 and 100] you can figure it out which send which 
by looking at where the arrow is pointing.

Now once you have sent your 110 gold (or in this case just 99 after the 10% fee) 
you simply click on the settings found right next to the resources bar and press 
[Reset Game Save].

It is okay, just press it, trust me. It will only reset the progress you have 
on that particular country not your entire profile.

Once the reset is done, you will have noticed that the country you have just 
used the glitch or feature with had gone back to start (the tutorial). Do skip 
it once more and you well be back on your base as well as the additional 110 
gold you start with once more. You begin by checking on your Swiss bank account.

-=But guess what?=-
The gold you had on your last save... Well, it turns out, it will remain there. 
Basically, as long as you sent your gold to the Swiss, no matter how many times 
you reset your [Game Save] (not your profile save) it will remain!

From then on, it is up to you how to continue playing. You can do the glitch 
again (Send Swiss -> Restart Save) to purchase the more expensive airplanes 
you wanted or simply use the gold you have collected by pressing the bottom 
two arrows to the other countries you are currently playing with.

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