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  Hints and Tips for: Wasteland 3 
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 Wasteland 3 Cheats

Wasteland 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite money:
First, reach Level 7 in Barter to gain access to the Antiques Appraiser skill. This 
skill gives you a 5% (1/20) chance to sell junk for x50 its normal value. To guarantee 
the x50 money bonus, go to a vendor and give all your junk to the character with this 
skill. Sell the junk. If you do not get the x50 money bonus, simply buy everything 
back and try again. Repeat this process until you get the x50 bonus. You can get 
$30,000 payouts. Money is useful later in the game, when items start costing thousands 
of dollars. Even at Barter 10, you will need money. It is recommended to select one of 
your party members and make them a dedicated barter/crafter. This one person will 
barter, upgrade weapons, and generally help support your squad.

Quick leveling and stats building:
Set your leader to CHA 10 when starting Wasteland 3. At Charisma 10, you get a +30% 
XP bonus, but at Charisma 9, you only get a +10% XP bonus. At the character creation 
screen, you can immediately give your leader CHA 10 to get the XP bonus. All your 
stats will suffer early, but you will quickly outclass everyone else in your party. 
You will be earning skill points at a much higher rate -- so you can increase your 
other attributes quicker. The earlier you unlock the top tier of charisma, the more 
XP you will earn in the long-term. Since you cannot give everyone in your party CHA 10, 
it is recommended to give this to your leader for the bonus XP, while the rest of your 
team serves other purposes —- like upgrading weapons, bartering, lock-picking, hacking, 
and using a variety of weapons. Your leader is a fighter and a supporter -- so 
increasing charisma early will allow you to build a powerful leader that can heal 
and fight while giving your party a leadership boost. There is no easy way to farm XP, 
but at CHA 10, you will not need to farm.

Secret "November Reigns" ending:
To take over Colorado with the Desert Rangers, you have to make specific choices 
throughout the game. Unlike the other two major endings, this ending requires you to 
make exact choices —- if you are not careful, you can prevent this ending early in 
the campaign. To get the "November Reigns" achievement and take over Colorado, 
complete the following steps.

* Select Gideon Reyes as your advisor. 
* Earn a "Loved" reputation with the Rangers and Hundred families. 
* Persuade the Gippers to deliver oil to the city. 
* Kill all the Buchanans -- Vic does not count if he joins your party. 
* Side with Angela Deth. 
* Choose to stay in Colorado and "Spread Havoc" under your reign.

Some of these decisions have to be made early in the story, while others are only made 
right in the end-game. There are two other major endings, but this is the third and 
hardest ending to achieve. It is not necessarily the best ending, but it is the most 
secretive ending.

How to Farm More Cash:
Written by Grookey

This Guide is short and sweet. The easiest way to farm up an unreasonable amount of cash. 

At the bizarre exterior south of the entrance to the map is a small building with Paris 
Handler inside who is looking to get in the bizarre as a shop and needs to make a blood 
red mix. Now, if you have done this don't bother reading the rest of the guide.

-=How to=-
You can use the table behind Paris to help mix a dye which you either need weird 
science, the book "The Clown's Guide to Paint, Makeup, and Acid" (see picture), or this 
guide to get the mix for the red dye. Which is Carbon 18, Hydrogen 14, Nitrogen 2, 
Sodium 2, Oxygen 8, Sulfate 2. Once you do this mix and finish it, Paris will talk to 
you. Do not exit that chat. Once she pays you once for the helping ($124), the first 
menu option for the chat will re-trigger the help completing dialogue and re-trigger 
the reward. You can easily from this point mash left click until you have all 
the money you want.

Be warned once you exit the menu this will be gone.

Guide for Starter (Effective Builds, Skill Point Farm):
Written by ESO Danny
For Wasteland players, this is a starter guide for new players in character creation, 
arguably one of the most important parts of the game. It covers how useful each skill 
is, the best quirks to build your character around, most useful background and its 
effect on gameplay and finally how you should build your characters attributes to 
compliment their chosen weapon.

-=Effective Builds=-
While the video covers all you need to know about how all the mechanics of the game 
work and what the most useful skills are. This section focuses on some very effective 
character builds that will allow you to play the game efficiently and access everything 
you come across. I’d recommend watching the video first however and not just blindly
 following these setups.

IMPORTANT: You can build 4 custom characters and get an additional 2 NPC companions. 
BUT DO NOT max out any of your skills or attributes during gameplay, especially skills 
since they have increasing costs per level. To max out a skill at level 10 you need 
28 skill points. you will come across armor that gives you +1 to certain skills, you 
will also find skill books which you should save until you reach level 9 in said skill 
in order to max it out efficiently. As for attributes (aside from charisma) only max 
them to level 9 since you can also find ‘dolls’ which give you +1 to your whole party’s 

-=The Skill Point Farm=-
This character build is designed to level up fast and gain lots of skill points in 
the process. This setups attribute spread also naturally falls into being the perfect 
leader setup too!

Quirk: Pointdexter: This will give us an additional +! skill point each level up, 
when combined with our high charisma stat we will be levelling quickly to take full 
advantage of our extra skill point gain.

Background: Bookworm: This gives us another +5% experience boost. This can be rather 
overkill, but if you want to level quickly and gain access to lots of additional skill 
points levelling fast is the best way to do so. That said this background can easily 
be replaced for something else that compliments additional weapon damage.

Coordination 2
Luck 1
Awareness 2
Strength 2
Speed 2
Intelligence 2
Charisma 10

This may appear VERY extreme at first glance but it is in fact the most efficient 
way of levelling in the game. At 9 Charisma you get +18% experience HOWEVER at 10 
charisma you get +30% experience, this makes it worth maxing early! It is very 
efficient to do this at the start of the game since you will be levelling up much 
faster in everything you do. Since we are levelling fast we will be able to round 
out our attributes quickly later on.
-=Focus Skills=-
Leadership: Increases your teammates chance to hit. Our high charisma gives us a 
massive leadership effect range, so we need to take full advantage of this. You can 
max this later in the game though, aside from speech options it has more value as 
your squad gets bigger.

Medicine: As you quickly level your character you will want to increase your 
intelligence since it scales with how much you can heal for. Since our leader is 
going to be in the middle of everybody it makes him a great healer. For this reason 
you will also want to boost your Coordination to 4 as well.

Any Skill: Since: You will have tonnes of extra skill points on this character the 
more the game goes on, feel free to invest into whatever skills compliment the rest 
of your party setup. Note that speech skills do not scale off your charisma so you 
don’t need to invest in these specifically.

Weapon Choice:
A pistol works well with this class build, especially later in the game since having 
a high charisma gives us a high strike rate which lets us target foe’s body parts 
more often. That said you will find your positioning with this character to be out 
of range. For this reason the combination of automatic weapons and wired science 
can be very fun! Wired science lets you access powerful energy weapons that ignore 
Armor, but this means you will be investing in two skills instead of one.

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