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  Hints and Tips for: Wasteland Remastered 
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 Wasteland Remastered Cheats

Wasteland Remastered

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Skill Points:
To use this exploit, you need two things: a sufficiently high-level ranger, and 
a rank 8 skill Ė this is because a skill rank cannot be a higher rank than the 
rangerís level. If you are going to use this exploit, why not go for Exploit #1 
first and hit the max level?

The easiest skill to get to rank 8 is Gambling. The Swim skill is also easy to 
get to rank 10, but itís dangerous.

Once you get either of these skills to rank 8, head to a library. While in the 
library, the rank 8 skill will state that it needs 255 Skill Points to rank up. 
In actuality, the game treats this as a -1 (negative 1).

So just try to rank up the rank 8 skill. Not only will it become a rank 9 skill, 
but you will also gain a skill point on that ranger. In fact, max this skill 
rank out! (Note you canít have more than 255 skill points, so stop before you 
reach 255).

But it gets better! Take all those free skill points, and strategically use them 
to raise another skill to rank 8. Repeat the process and gain even more free skill 

Caution: The original game (havenít confirmed in the Remaster) allows each ranger 
to have a maximum of 30 unique skills. If you took your 30th skill, the Librarians 
would kick you out stating they have nothing left to teach you. At which point, 
you will no longer be able to use this exploit.

So the true max number of unique skills is 29. But you really donít even need 
that, unless you are being greedy, because about a third of the skills available 
are Ďspecializedí skills. Specialized skills are skills only a single ranger on 
your team needs to take. As long you spread the specialized skills around, you 
wonít be anywhere near 30 unique skills.

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