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  Hints and Tips for: Weird Worlds - Return to Infinite Space 
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 Weird Worlds - Return to Infinite Space Cheats

Weird Worlds - Return to Infinite Space

Aethric Mirror Trick:
If you have the Aethric Mirror and no sufficiently good stardrive, and
you wish to engage a distant enemy in combat without the long travel 
time, all you need is a star in close proximity to yourself, and the 
Klakar beacon.

1.Summon the Klakar.
2.Travel to the nearest star using as little time as possible.
3.Mirror the enemy fleet.
4.Mirror the Klakar.
5.Travel the (now) very short distance to the enemy and fight it out.

Furthermore, you can use the mirror to place a fleet on any world you 
can trade at (most alien home worlds and glory) and now wherever you 
are you can mirror to the world, trade and mirror back to where you were.
Galactic trade at your fingertips.

Cheap Fighting Tactics:
When you have the Aethric Mirror AND an Anti-Graviton Shunt, you may safely
clear the entire map of all enemies (and friends, if you feel so inclined)
without ever firing a single shot. It's really quite simple:

1.Park your ship over a Black Hole.
2.Use the Mirror on whoever you want to flush.
3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

You have an AGS to protect you from being sucked into the Black Hole. 
They don't. Mind you, you don't get points for flushing enemies down a Black
Hole, but at least it lets you steal their stuff or "claiming those abandoned
items that clearly don't belong to anyone, since there's no one there anymore"
Another ultra-cheap trick is the Gong-and-retreat. If you have either the 
Hyper-drive or the Zorg Helmsman, you can Attack, hit the Gong, retreat, repeat.
With either of the fast-travel options, this is an effortless way to win, since 
the Gong auto kills everything up to and including denizens of black holes.

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