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  Hints and Tips for: Welcome to the Game II 
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 Welcome to the Game II Cheats

Welcome to the Game II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
Before you even start the phone call (tutorial) go take your modem and 
put it at the kitchen window with that you get 2 wifi networks so you 
can easy switch a network before the police gets you.

Then go to your bed next to it is your flashlight, so you can see when 
the lights turn off, go back to your chair and skip both calls (second 
call when you click one of the markets) then go to the lobby and go out 
wait for the drone to come and take the package go back to your room 
close the door with a right click and take the VPN device, you can go 
to the hallway or outside on your balcony and place the VPN device at 
a wall.

If the good old mask boi standing at your balcony or watching you from 
the kitchen window ignore him he doesn’t do anything until you go near 
him, the big problem is if you maybe getting a package from outside and 
come back he could stay at the stairs or the hallway maybe at the lobby. 
Next, you should buy a backdoor a backdoor is the best thing EVER!!! 
Because if you getting hacked you get the insta hack that is a realy 
easy block hack but you won’t get any coins so just fail the insta 
block then you get a new block.

Helpful Tips:
Written by Parkq

Your goal is to find 8 hashes through Deep Wiki I, II, and III. You will also need 
250 DOS coins ready in order to finalize the Noir Tunnel, which will grant you the 
ending scene. 
Start DOS coin farming with VPNs in green positions. It's best if you have the 
maximum amount of VPNs for maximum potential generation of DOS coins. 
Upgrade your dongle; very underrated tool. 
In the beginning, backdoors are a great way to make money when getting hacked. 
It should already be obvious, but WEP WiFis are trash, WPA WiFis are better, and 
WPA2 WiFis are the best. 
Key searching can take forever. Use the source code option to your advantage. 
All of these pages are fake links: Flame, Roses Destruction, Corpses For Sell, 
Dream Place, Hackers4Hire, Illuminati, Snuff Portal, The 8th Sin, The Butcher, 
DEEPDOTWEB, GAME CAT, Black Market, DeDo, Secure Drop, F*ck You!, Burned At The Stake, 
Happy Family, Hail Satan, Cotton Road, Family Drug Shop, Legion, Tango Down, BathRoom 
Cams, SKYWEB, Hot Burners, Cheap Surgery, Passports R US, Flesh Trade, Chosen Awake, 
and Father Donald. 
Some websites are only available at certain times. 
Avoid the Doll Maker website. Click if you have no more websites to check. 
The hitman's name is Lucas Kumiega. 
When you discover your first key or second key, Lucas will start spawning. 
Lucas' audio cue are footsteps and lockpicking your door sound. 
Make it a habit to lock your door. 
Using motion sensors/audio alerts can help you determine when Lucas is coming or not. 
Before Lucas enters the room, make sure to turn off all lights to shorten his visit, 
turn off your computer to protect your DOS coins and notes, and then hide in the 
closet. If you're a streamer or you're using a microphone, be completely quiet and 
do not peek outside the closet. When Lucas finally leaves, leave the closet and turn 
on all the lights immediately to prevent the Noir from spawning and prematurely 
killing you in the process. There's a chance the power will go out while Lucas is 
still visiting your room. Be wary of the Noir when this happens. 
Beating the Breather is possible. If you hear laughing noises or footsteps when entering 
the alleyway, walk backwards and open the door to the room on the side. When inside, 
wait for the Breather to walk by, and when the Breather comes to the door, he will try 
to break inside. The moment you see the door move in/push in, click hold the door close 
in only those moments. Do not look through the window unless you are absolutely sure 
that the Breather is not present. 
If you cannot pick up the package or open the door, you are instantly dead. I'm still 
trying to see if this is avoidable. 
The more keys you discover, the more of a threat the enemies become. 
The more you upgrade your VPN, the less of a chance you'll be hacked. 
Later in the game, you want to upgrade your VPN, because you don't want to get hacked 
This is how the police track you. It's 100% RNG. Each WiFi has a specific tracking/
detection number. The WEP WiFis detection rate are higher, WPA is lower, and WPA2 has 
the lowest detection rates. Disconnecting and reconnecting does not do any good. 
Switching WiFis is inefficient if you're switching between WEP WiFis. If you switch 
from three WEP WiFis, and all of them have high detection rates, the chances of you 
being swatted are very high. If you switch from three WPA2 WiFis, the chances of you 
being swatted are drastically lower. Why do you think Adam said there's a WiFi that 
makes you pretty much undetectable? The best WiFi is DOSNET. 
The worst is FreeWifiNoVirus. 
The more keys you discover, the more aggressive the Noir become. They will spawn in 
more areas more frequently. If you turn off your lights in your room in attempt to 
shorten Lucas' visit, there's a chance that when you come out of hiding (depending 
on how many keys you have), the Noir will attack you in the dark. You must have all 
your lights turned on to prevent the Noir from spawning in your room. The Noir 
spawning outside your window, hallway, or door is very random, but will become more 
frequent, the more keys you discover. 
I'm not sure if turning your mic off or on makes the game more difficult or not. 
I'm pretty sure the game does check whether you have a microphone or not, regardless. 

-=The Professional=-
Beat the game, without buying anything. 
You will be following the same tips from above. 
For Lucas, you will need to be dependent on your hearing. 
For Noir, make sure to leave your lights turned on in your room. Be wary of outside 
Ignore Doll Maker. 
For Breather, go inside the room, and only hold the door when he pushes in. 
You will get hacked a lot, as you will not have access to other WiFis. Unless, you're 
super lucky and you somehow get the WiFi of the others, to possibily avoid attracting 
the police. 
I'm not too sure how you can make money. I think you can actually buy something, but 
only one thing, which will have to be a VPN. 
The only way you can get this achievement is if you're really lucky. Therefore, the 
hardest achievement to get in this game is The Professional.

Hack all the WiFi networks. Pretty self-explanatory.

-=Who's that lady?=-
During the ending, press D.

Website Availability and Times:
Written by BreedPineapple

A guide to the time windows when certain websites are available (or if they are at all).

Ever wondered when some of the websites are available? Me too! Which is why I decided 
to make this guide.

I've gathered this list based on several attempts. Most of them should be accurate, but 
there may still be some mistakes, which I will be fixing whenever.

-=Always Available=-
Here is a list of websites that are available at all times:

Bug Friendly
Cry ?????
Drone Spy
Evidence Locker
Evil Collection
Foot Doctor
Forgive Me
Hidden Pleasures
I Love Cats
Milk Supply
My Gut
Order Of Nine
Panty Sales
Share Your Genitals
St Louis Arch
Thanks For Visiting
The Black Waves
The Doll Maker - Triggers the Doll Maker event.
The End Of NY
The Granddaddy
The Grey
The Light Within
The Rule Of Three - Always on the second wiki, contains the URL to the third wiki.
We Rock

-=Sometimes Available=-
These are the websites that you want to keep an eye on, since they are only available 
during a certain time window. Unlike in the prequel, the time windows are based on 
minutes, not hours. Here is the list of all websites that can only be accessed during 
certain time windows:

xx:00 to xx:14


xx:00 to xx:29

Borrow My Daughter
Deep Journal
Don’t Waste It

xx:30 to xx:44

Ave Satan
Fifty Seven
Number Station
Your Data

xx:45 to xx:59

Fortune Cookie

xx:30 to xx:59

Brutal Underground
Mortal Masks
Red Triangle
The Hall

Never Available

These are the websites that have never been available based on my experience and
which you can pretty much safely ignore:

BathRoom Cams
Black Market
Burned At The Stake
Cheap Surgery
Chosen Awake
Corpses for Sell
Cotton Road
Dream Place
Family Drug Shop
Father Donald
Flesh Trade
???? You!
Hail Satan
Happy Family
Hot Burners
Little Friends
Passports R US
Roses Desctruction
Secure Drop
Snuff Portal
Tango Down
The 8th Sin
The Butcher

Written by Ultramage

Exploiting quirks or outright tampering with the game to reduce difficulty, improve 
accessibility, save time, or just experiment.

Here are the various ways I found to make the game more bearable. WttG2 is exceedingly 
difficult in some parts, and the permadeath system it uses is incredibly punishing due 
to the time investment required. If you're hearing-impaired or live in a noisy area; if
your reflexes and fine motor control can't keep up with the game; if you're a busy 
person and can't afford to pour hours and hours into a trial&error learning experience;
or if you just want to see the ending - then these cheats may help. They're also very 
handy for writing guides and for testing various claims and hypotheses about the game.

The game saves every 20 minutes on the ingame clock (:00, :20, :40). The savefile is 
written to 
"C:\Users\{you}\AppData\LocalLow\Reflect Studios\Welcome to the Game II\" and 
is a binary file with "Assembly-CSharp" appearing in the first 40 bytes of the header 
- probably some sort of serialized data object from Unity / C# / .NET. You can make 
backups of this file to preserve progress even in case of death, and to do repeated 
runs of the same world. Note that it may take the game around 15 seconds to finish 
writing the savefile, so give it time before making a copy. Also note that all 
achievement progress is lost when resuming a game.

-=Dumping WiFi Network Info=-
The binary savefile contains, among other things, the BSSID and password for every 
network. They are all listed in the order they appear ingame. Public WiFi networks and 
the two hidden networks are also included. With a hex-editor or a binary file viewer, 
you will be able to extract this information. You can use this to have immediate access
to the initial WPA2 networks without having to crack them. It's also required to obtain
the BSSIDs of the two hidden networks for unlocking the Infiltrator achievement.

-=Unlimited Starting DOScoin=-
With a memory scanning/modification tool (like Cheat Engine), you can skip the first 
30 minutes of every run, where you have to do the boring task of forcing hacks to 
rapidly farm DOScoin for all the purchases you need to make.

To find the memory location, repeatedly scan for your current number of DOScoin. 
can type is 'float'. Start with 10, buy a Backdoor Hack, then scan for 9, then 8,
etc. Eventually it should narrow down to 2 or 3 memory locations. Change them all 
to whatever you want.

-=Lower Speed for Hacking Minigames=
With a game slowdown tool (like Cheat Engine), you can slow the game down during the 
hacking minigames to make it easier to achieve insta-block in ZONEWALL, and to have 
more time to solve the memD3FR4G3R, stackPUSHER and especially the NOD3H3X3R puzzles.
The game seems highly tolerant to speed adjustments, only glitch I encountered was 
during the stackPUSHER minigame, where blocks moved into the popper node do not 
disappear from the grid. Briefly set the speed to normal when popping them to work 
around this.

To set this up, open the the tool, connect it to the game and activate the Speedhack 
feature. Bind hotkeys to toggle between 1.000x, 0.500x and 0.250x speed, so that you 
don't have to alt-tab.

-=memD3FR4G3R Note-taking=-
This is kinda simple and obvious, but, using a Notepad window (or similar) placed 
in the corner, that you can quickly alt-tab to, you can note down the whole memD3FR4G3R 
memorization sequence while still being able to see the screen. Then you can quickly 
alt-tab to peek at it, 3-4 characters at a time. The highest difficulty level of 
memD3FR4G3R features 6 sequences of 12 characters each, so yeah, good luck memorizing 
that (without using mental tricks, the average person can reliably buffer only around 
6-7 characters). My strategy was to write them down as groups of 3 or 4 with spaces 
inbetween for easier lookup.

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