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  Hints and Tips for: Who's in the Box? 
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 Who's in the Box? Cheats

Who's in the Box?

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Lilly

In order to obtain all the achievements, you will need to find 30 objects, 24 of 
which are required to be found in a specific order, described by the story and 
the other 6 can be found at any point in time. This guide shows the location of
all the objects and the right order to find them.

-=Story Objects=-
These objects are required for progressing with the story. 
They must be put in the box in this specific order.

* Potted Cactus
* Toy Railway
* Credit card
* Jackhammer
* Guinea pig
* Megaphone
* Can of cat food
* Ice axe
* Milk package
* Parrot
* Rubber ducky
* Guitar
* Empty cage
* Swiss Army knife
* Rifle
* Artifical eye
* Motel room card key (Room 13)
* Baby doll
* Corkscrew
* Teaspoon
* Flashlight
* Shampoo
* Spirit board
* Spellbook

-=Extra Objects=-
These objects are not required in order to complete the story, but will 
award one achievement each when you try putting them in the box.

* Pillow
* Mystic amulet
* Axe
* Key
* Bonsai
* Picklock

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