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  Hints and Tips for: Wizkid 
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 Wizkid Cheats


Save up enough money to buy back all of your stars and 
then go to the shop and buy one star.  Exit to body mode 
and pull down the balloon to go back to the shop then 
enter to buy another star. Repeat this process until you 
have bought back all of your stars then re-enter the shop
and you are given $100.  You can now re-enter the shop 
as many times as you like or until you have enough money 
to buy any of the items on display.

On level 1 buy a token and exit in body mode. Use the 
well handle to bring up the bucket and jump into it. Then 
go through the door on the left and use the token in the 
machine. Take the left door then the hidden exit on the 
right. You now find yourself at the start of a maze from  
which you can access the rest of the game. Enter the maze
through the door on your left. To reach the various warp 
rooms follow these directions (L means left - R means right).
Remember that if you get lost en-route you can take the 
hidden door on the right in any of the maze rooms to get
yourself back to the start:

Level 1: LLLLRR
      2: RLLLR
      3: LRRLL
      4: LLRLR
      5: RRRRLL
      6: RRLLLR
      7: RLLRLL
      8: LRLRLR
      9: LLLRLL
Sound Test: RRLLRR
Wizaroids: LRRLLLR

Unlimited money:
Enter to the shop with all five stars and over a hundred pounds. Purchase another 
star to receive an extra hundred pounds. Note: This may also be done by bringing 
the balloon back to the shop before buying another balloon. 
Repeat this as much as needed to get unlimited money. 

Cheat mode:
A hidden room in the first section of the game serves as a cheat mode. Purchase the 
token from the shop and exit as the body. Climb down the well and enter the men's 
bathroom. Use the token on the bubble gum machine and to fly up to a secret room with 
another men's bathroom door and an exit. Enter the bathroom door to appear in a room 
with a women's and men's bathroom door. Move over to the far right and enter an invisible 
door at that location. Finally, enter the men's room door and use the following door 
patters to advance to the corresponding game level or activate the corresponding cheat 
Note: If the wrong door is chosen, or to return to the first screen, enter the invisible 
door to the far right

Effect         		Room    Doors 
Level 2  			- 046   Ladies, Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies
Level 3  			- 051   Mens, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens
Level 4  			- 058   Mens, Mens, Ladies, Mens, Ladies
Level 5  			- 067   Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens
Level 6  			- 078   Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies
Level 7  			- 091   Ladies, Mens, Mens, Ladies, Mens, Mens
Level 8 			- 106   Mens, Ladies, Mens, Ladies, Mens, Ladies
Level 9  			- 123   Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies, Mens, Mens 
Continue option   	- 124   Mens, Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies, Ladies
Sound test        	- 076   Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens, Ladies, Ladies 
Wizardoids mini-game 	- 206   Mens, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens, Mens, Ladies 
Warp equation       	- 102   Mens, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens, Ladies 
Game clue            	- 099   Mens, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Mens, Mens

Action Replay codes:
Submitted by by: Dj Simo

WIZKID1B240F??  Level select
WIZKID1B2507??  Level select
WIZKID2C4D0A??  Level select
WIZKID20F60E06  Unlimited lives
WIZKID20F704FF  More money
WIZKID20F705FF  More money
WIZKID20F70005  Unlimited stars

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