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  Hints and Tips for: Worms 
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 Worms Cheats


Level passwords: 

Turn the shotgun off in the weapons menu:
Submitted by:: Brian Hughes 

Now start a game.After choosing a worm to destroy
hold down F2 and F3 (the shotgun and Uzi) and the 
weapons should change rapidly.Fire and the'r should 
be a big spray of some thing that look like computer 
chips that are as powerful as a banana bomb. 

Submitted by: m.bird1

Unlimited shots - Choose the Shotgun. 
Then just walk into a mine. Now you have as much shots with any 
weapon you want until the time is up!

Works fine with Bazooka: shoot a couple of times to hit the worms, 
and then you'll just have to shot! Deactivate cheat This cheat 
involves the baabaa cheat code. The first thing you do is you put 
the baabaa cheat on, then you select banana bomb and fire it 
someplace where it will stay on the screen and not fall into 
the fire (or water). Before it explodes, press aabaab to deactivate 
the code. If you go back and look at your worm he will have his 
bazooka out and his crosshair aimed. Feel free to walk around, 
and change weapons, but if you get hurt the turn goes to another 
worm. This works with any weapon, but I found that it works best 
with banana bombs or grenades because after you do the aabaab once 
you've fire the weapon, you can walk out of harm's way.

If you press F3 and F5 at the same time, and shoot, you will shoot 
some kind of strange balls, which are very powerful! You will shoot 
as many balls as with the Uzi or the Minigun, but each ball hurts as 
much as a dynamite! It seems to work in the best way if you first 
turn off the Shotgun (change "Shotgun" in "Weapon Options" to OFF). 
An other advantage with this cheat is that you shoot as many times 
as you can before you run out of time.

Unfortunately your worm won´t get any points, and the killing 
doesn't show in the statistics, but that´s not important. Some 
people say that this cheat works best if you, on the first shot, 
shoot into a wall and hurt yourself.

Extra weapons:
Type baabaa at the weapons option screen. Exploding sheep, the banana 
bomb, and full motion with the ninja rope will be available during 
game play. Type aabaab at the weapons option screen to disable cheat 

Unlimited Sheep:
Type bobjob at the weapons options screen. 

Rapid fire missiles:
Type aabaab while shooting a mini-gun. 

Extra turn:
Type aabaab while firing a banana bomb. 

Unlimited bazooka missiles:
Select a target with the Uzi, then hold [Shift] + [F1] and press [Space]. 

Hold [F3] + [F5] for five seconds then press [Space]. You will shoot a 
Note: This does not work all the time.

Fire bazooka missiles with the Uzi: 
Select the Uzi. Press [F1] + [F3] + [Space]. The selected worm should fire 
missiles with his Uzi, obliterating a large part of the landscape and friend 
and foe alike. This requires some practice.

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