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  Hints and Tips for: Worms 3D 
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 Worms 3D Cheats

Worms 3D

Submitted by:Rasmus Bertelsen

Unlockable List:
Banana Bomb       - Complete Shotgun Challenge 3. 
Bridge Kit        - In the Beefcake Breakfast, get the crate located on a rooftop. 
Earthquake Weapon - Complete Jetpack Challenge 3. 
Mad Cows          - Complete Shotgun Challenge 3 with all golds. 
Nuclear Bomb      - Complete Deathmatch Challenge 10 with all golds. 
Super Sheep       - Complete Sheep Challenge 3

In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport onto them 
sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport inside the object. 
This is especially true for the green air ships. 

Level generator:
Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels, but you can also type in 
words and it will convert it for you. 

Voice option:
On campaign level where you have to fix computer monitor, get yourself some room to 
breathe by killing the enemies, or do the code as it is, although you are very likely 
to get blown up. Jump on the keys on the keyboard and spell "TEAM17" (no spaces). You 
will get a message at the top of the screen stating that you unlocked a hidden Easter 
Egg. The secret is a new voice option for teams. 
Play the Nobody Rides For Free mission, where you need to collect the three boxes of 
land mines. Play for awhile and a fourth box will appear where you started the level. 
When you collect it, you will get a message that you have found an Easter Egg. 
The voice that you unlocked is called "Grandpa".

Level generator codes: 
Enter marijuana (North American version) for a massive island map.
Enter 90210 (North American version) for a map with a few hour glasses.
Enter slipknot (North American version) for a pirate-based map with an airship.
Enter steller (North American version) for a horror-based map that is quite small.
Enter sugarcult (North American version) for a big winter wonderland.
Enter finalfantasy (North American version) for a small winter wonderland.
Enter 7873155 (North American version) for an England-based map with a lot of bridges.
Enter doggystyle (North American version) for a lunar-based map with a spaceship.
Enter bigfoot (North American version) a level with a huge hollow pyramid shaped island.
Enter jackassthemovie (North American version) for a level with a small amount of land.

Mad Cows     - Complete all three shotgun challenges with a "Gold" rank.
Nuclear Bomb - To unlock the Nuclear Bomb, complete all ten deathmatch challenges. If
               it does not work with all bronzes, try to get silvers and golds.
Teleporting  - In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport
               onto them sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport 
               inside the object. This is especially true for the green air ships.

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