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 Worms 4 - Mayhem Cheats

Worms 4 - Mayhem

Submitted by: Haspa

Complete story mode with time bonuses.

Animal lover:
Get 200 animal kills.

Barrel buster:
Destroy 500 barrels.

Big blast:
Get 500 damage in one shot.

Body count:
Get 500 kills throughout the game.

Boggy the kid:
Complete missions 11-15.

Bronze damage:
Get 25 000 tatal damage throughout the game.

Bubble Trouble:
Buy the "darksider" weapon scheme.

"The Kitchen Sink" weapon scheme:
This includes every weapon, including the five secret weapons, with unlimited 
ammunition and no delay (2,500 coins). Unlock all character sets do get this 

Easy trophies:
For the "Barrel Buster", "Big Blast", "Animal Lover" and "Body Count" Trophies 
and the damage trophies, create a scheme with just a Sheep and set land object 
to oil drums. Then, start a multi-player game. Put four human teams in and fill 
up the sixteen Worms. Then, use the weapon scheme you just made and select 
landscape. Choose Camelot and type the number code 3651335800 to get a tiny 
arena. Then on Wormpot choose double damage, super animal weapons and super 
random weapon. As the sheep is the only weapon in the scheme, the random weapon 
will always be the sheep. Then, start the game. Fire the sheep and detonate it. 
The explosion will destroy the entire arena and the barrels, kill all the worms, 
and do about 5,000 damage (which will give you the big blast). The round will 
draw and you can repeat. Repeat this until you have killed enough worms, caused 
enough damage, and destroyed enough barrels to get the other trophies. 
This will also give you the 3 and 4 Baggers and the Beast Within if you do not 
already have them.

Increase HP, unlimited firepower:
Open the folder where you install Worms 4. Open the folder [data], then [databanks].
You should see mission files in [.xml] format. Choose the mission you want to edit, 
rename it (ex. [DoomCanyon.xml] to[ _DoomCanyon.xml]), then open it with the notepad. 
Find the human team inventory section, human team section or the weapon delay 
section (if available) and change the number there to the number that you wish. 
After changing, choose the Save As option and save the file as its original name. 
Start over if you want to change another file. 

Carpet capers easter egg:
To receive the first easter egg and 1000 coins do the following. 
Go to the "carpet capers" level on story mode. There is a tower 
with an enemy called "egg" on it. Parachute down to that tower 
and go through a hole at the bottom of it. There you will find a 
jewel, get it. A message will appear saying "you found an easter 
egg". Now finish the level (it doesn't matter if you win or lose). 
You now have the first easter egg and 1000 coins.

Complete missions 21-25.

Challenges maps:
Defeat the team 17 times, again you will get one map per level.

Get all fifteen trophies.

Destruct and Serve Easter Egg:
In the Mission "Destruct and Serve" There is a Car that looks like 
the Delorean of Back to the Future. Blow it up with an explosive 
weapon to recieve the "88 MPH" Easter Egg and 1,000 Coins.

Complete all non-deathmatch challenges faster than team 17.

Escape from tree rex easter egg:
To get the second easter egg and 1000 coins do the following. 
Go to the "escape from tree rex" level on story mode. Jetpack 
down to a platform with a crate. Get the crate and receive two 
bazookas. Now shoot the mouth of the T rex (not the platform in 
his mouth). A message will appear saying "you found an easter egg". 
Now finish the level (it doesn't matter if you win or lose). 
You now have the second easter egg and 1000 coins.

Four bagger:
Kill four worms in one shot.

Gold damage:
Get 100 00 damage throughout the game.

Greedy worm:
Collect 500 crates throughout the game.

Hard hat:
Complete missions 1-5.

Holy hand grenade:
Buy the "holy grail" weapon scheme.

Hot foot:
Dodge 500 mines throughout the game.

Icarus potion:
Buy the "mega powers" weapon scheme.

Inflatable scouser:
Buy the "it's a mystery" weapon scheme.

Magic bullet:
Kill three people with a shotgun in one turn.

Nice to siege you easter egg:
To get the third easter egg and 1000 coins do the following. 
Go to the "nice to siege you" level on story mode. Go to where 
the proffesor is and go down the cliff. You should see an entrance. 
Go inside to find a worm dressed like a rabbit. A message will appear 
saying "you found an easter egg". Now finish the level (it doesn't 
matter if you win or lose). You now have the third easter egg and 
1000 coins.

Complete story mode.

Queen of sheeba:
Complete missions 16-20.

Use 2000 jetpack fuel.

Royal knight:
Complete missions 6-10.

Silver damage:
Get 50 000 damage throughout the game.

Story mode maps:
You will unlock one map per level.

The beast within:
Kill three people with one animal.

Three bagger:
Kill three worms in one shot.

Tin can alley easter egg:
To get the fourth easter egg and 1000 coins do the following. 
Go to the "tin can alley" level on story mode. Look around you. 
Behind you there is a toilet. Shoot it. A message will appear 
saying "you found an easter egg". Now finish the level (it doesn't 
matter if you win or lose). You now have the fourth easter egg and 
1000 coins.

Weapon specialist:
Get 8000 damage with a bazooka throughout the game.

Complete all deathmatch challenges faster than team 17.

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