Wrestling Spirit Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Wrestling Spirit 
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 Wrestling Spirit Cheats

Wrestling Spirit

Click the middle of the money in the picture's hand at the 
accountant screen. Select the "Finance Cheat" option that 
appears to get $10 million. 

Click on the doctor's left thumb at the doctor screen. Select the 
"Health Cheat" option that appears. When activated, all injuries 
will be healed and body parts will return to 100% physical condition.

Change wrestler's attributes:
Click the center of the picture's nose at the mentor screen. Select 
the "Mentor Cheat" option that appears. menu. Note: You still will 
not be able to change your weight and overness. 

Alternate menu screens:
With the original Arena backgrounds, enter the alternate menu screen. 
Enter a small arena, and double click the "Hell Monkey=Ratings" sign. 
Select the link that appears. 

Alternate theme song:
Enter the credits screen, then select "Learn more about Hands Like Feet". 
Click on the word "Hidden". Select the link at the bottom of the screen 
for an alternate version of the theme song. 

Alternate loading screen:
Enter the credits screen, then select Dean Richardson's name. Select 
the link for the YMCA loading screen.
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