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  Hints and Tips for: X2 - The Threat 
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 X2 - The Threat Cheats

X2 - The Threat

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Get 400k at the start of the game
complete the first mission - deliver computer parts 

Mission 2 collect scientist, when you get back to destination before you contact
your empoyer sell the shields + guns on the ship you are flying and you get 
around 400k+ credits - you only get to fly the ship for that mission anyway.

Script editor:
Type Thereshallbewings as a case-sensitive code while flying a ship in space. 

Easy money:
Successfully deliver the computer parts to complete the first mission. During the
second mission (to collect the scientist), when you return to your destination, 
do not contact your employer just yet. Instead, sell the shields and guns from 
the your ship for over 400,000 credits. You do not need them, as you will only 
fly that ship on this mission.

Unlimited credits:
Enable the script editor and start it. Make a new script and name it as desired. 
Select the "New line" option. Look for the "Add money to player" line in the 
"Trade" section. Look for "Number" in the following menu. Enter a large number.
Save the script. You can press R to run the script when you need credits.

Get a free ship using script editor:
Submitted by: Josh.B

1. (open the script editor)
Open up the script editor by typing "Thereshallbewings" (make sure that the "T" 
is a capitol letter and type it in SLOWLY otherwise it doesn't work) then press 
S C S and the script editor should open up

2. (create the script)
go down to "new script" and press enter (call the script newship and press enter) 
a new script should now open

3. (create new line)
make a new line by pressing enter when "new line" is highlighted then go down to 
"general object commands" and press enter after that go down untill you find 
"create ship:type=(var/ship)" then press enter and it will prompt you to type in 
a new variable type in anything you want then press enter.

4. (select ship)
go across to the first "[?]" then press enter and then go down to "select ship type" 
and press enter now choose your ship and press enter (I prefer to chose a zenon ship 
such as the "zenon k").Note: some of the ships won't let you pilot them such as all 
of the "unknown enemy ships" (and 2 of the zenon ships one looks like an explosion 
the other looks like a panel of light).

5. (set owner of the ship)
now go across to the second "[?]" and press enter then go down until you find 
"SELECT RACE" press enter then go down until you find the race called "player" 
then press enter.

6. (chose sector)
now go across to the 3rd "[?]" and press enter then go down to "this" and press 
enter. Note: if you select "this" it will be created in the same sector as you're in.

7. (chose position)
go across to the 4th "[?]" and press enter then go down to "number" and press 
enter then you will be asked to type in a number, type in 0 and press enter now 
do the same for the next 2 "[?]".

8. (add items)
add a new line and then go down to "trade commands" and press enter, then go to "for 
ships" and press enter now go down until you reach "add devault items to ship" and 
press enter you will then be prompted to select an object but instead of selecting 
an object select the variable you made earlier and press enter.

9. (run the script)
To run the script press "esc" and then go down to yes to save the script, then highlight 
the script you just made and press " r " to run the script you will be prompted to select 
"null" or "select ship/station" go down to "select ship/station" and press enter then 
chose the sector that you're in and the ship that you're in. Note you MUST "chose the 
sector that you're in and the ship that you're in" otherwise you won't own the ship!

10. (get in your new ship)
Now enter you new ship and carry on playing!

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